Bikes Against Bush

by Richard on August 31, 2004

A very clever protest aimed at the Republican Party Convention has been postponed because the protestor was arrested before he could really begin. His story is well worth reading.

The cyclists had spent the previous night in a location that they were calling “Lil’ Gitmo,” a former bus depot on the west side piers converted into a holding pen for protestors. Lil’ Gitmo had cells sectioned off with chainlink fence and razor wire, and a floor covered in motor oil, transmission fluid, and other toxic chemicals. The cyclists were forced to sleep on this floor, many of them only wearing cycling shorts and t-shirts. Several had severe skin rashes the next day as a result. They were transferred from Lil’ Gitmo to the Tombs on Saturday morning, where I joined them later that day. Most of them were released on Sunday morning, but their bikes are being held till after they appear in court.

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Bene Diction 08.31.04 at 5:13 pm

Well Richard, that’s what you do with slime that protest, didn’t you know?:^(

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