New life

by Richard on August 10, 2008

On my final day in Swansea, my stick insect died. She left a little hole in my life, and a legacy of her eggs.

Regular readers might remember that I was also sent some giant prickly stick insect eggs by the splendid Bishop Alan. Guess what?! The first of them hatched today! Hurrah!

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Deb McEnery 08.14.08 at 2:56 am

Sorry for your loss,
How wonderful, that you have all her babies!


Bishop Alan 08.17.08 at 11:21 pm

Richard, many congratulations! Really delighted to hear your news.

I have a particular crackpot theory (may not work; please excuse) that putting fresh bramble near eggs encourages hatching — some kind of enzyme that reassures the little darlings they’ll get food if they hatch? I have never seen this in print anywhere, but it seemed to work with the first few out this year. Having said that, we’ve now had about 20, and they seem to have stopped hatching for a while…

Hope you’re beginning to stop living on tea chests, and life is normalising a bit!

love and best



Richard 08.20.08 at 7:50 pm

I’m sorry to say that she died last week. I don’t know why: I kept a supply of fresh bramble, and the tank was regularly misted. I’ll have to wait and see if any others hatch — and I’ll get my bramble from a different source, just in case.

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