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by Richard on September 24, 2008

You’ve got to hand it to Carolina Academic Press. They have a really admirable range of material on offer. There’s David Waldron’s The Sign of the Witch: Modernity and the Pagan Revival. The eagerly anticipated secons edition of ¿Qué le Duele? : Beginning Spanish for Healthcare Professionals. Not to mention the Admiralty and Maritime Law in the United States Statutory Supplement. (That’s a second edition too)

But among their varied and fascinating new publications, one in particular caught my eye. What will you make of Propositions on Christian Theology: A Pilgrim Walks the Plank I wonder. It’s by URC minister, sometime blogger and professional New-Yorker-in-Wales, Kim Fabricius. amazon.co.uk don’t have it yet, nor does Amazon.com, but they will in due time. For now, Carolina Academic Press is the place to go if you want to put down $25 of your hard-earned for a book of which no less a figure than Stanley Hauerwas has written

“With wit, wisdom, and deceptive learning, Fabricius has written the book we have desperately desired, that is, a book we can give a friend who asks, ‘What is all this Christian stuff about?’”

It has a very nice cover, too.

I’ll try not to become a book-bore, but you should expect me to be posting more about this over the next little while.

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Wood 09.24.08 at 11:00 am

…and if Kim sends me a copy, I;ll even get someone to review it.

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