New Methodist Blogger*

by Richard on February 26, 2009

Let’s see how this goes, a blog for Lent. And, I suspect, longer. Anyway, the chap behind it is as fine a fellow as I’ve ever shared a nosebag with, and his blog is sure to be worth looking at. You know what to do.

Chris is the better other half of long-time Methodist blogger Ramblin’ Folkie, and ’tis she who shared these glad tidings. If you aren’t in the habit of reading her fine blog, allow me to suggest that you take a peek there too.

*I mean, of course, that he’s a new blogger who happens to be a Methodist not that he’s a blogger who has taken up with Methodism.

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Will 02.26.09 at 11:36 am

I’m sorry… ‘Shared a nosebag’?


Wood 02.26.09 at 12:14 pm

Who knows what goes through these Methodist minds?

But Chris is indeed the Rambling Folkie’s larger half, and is a top chap. I got to see them both this weekend, in fact and it is always a real pleasure.


Richard 02.26.09 at 2:08 pm

>> “I’m sorry… ‘Shared a nosebag’?”

Would “broken biscuit with” have been clearer? ;)


sarah 02.26.09 at 6:10 pm

Thanks for that Richard, I knew you could be relied upon to spread the word. I won’t comment on the comparisons drawn, by Wood or yourself, for I fear that could only get me into trouble ;)

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