Climbing to Salvation

by Richard on September 25, 2004

One of my favourite songs in Sunday School when I was very small was “Climb Climb up Sunshine Mountain”. I strongly doubt whether anyone sings it now, and that is probably just as well. But it came to mind as I was reading a parable in “The Final Boundary by Adrian Plass.

The story concerns a man who goes with a friend to the United Kingdom Christian Recruitment Centre, sole agents for salvation in the UK apparently and located in remotest Scotland. When he gets there he maks a startling discovery.

The whole business of prayer, Bible Study, church services, et cetera, has been scrapped. Direct order from HQ. All that sort of stuff goes out the window. No need for any more discussions about salvation by faith, or about who’s in and who’s out. The whole thing’s been completely redesigned. You can still get total forgiveness, eternal life, love, joy and peace, the whole package as before, but the terms are different — very different.

All you have to do is

No spoilers here! The question is, has salvation been made easier or more difficult?

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