Three Stringfellow quotes

by Kim on April 3, 2009

“Biblically, the Holy Spirit means the militant presence of the Word of God inhering in the whole of creation. By virtue of this redundant affirmation of the Biblical witness, the false notion, nurtured in my childhood, that the Holy Spirit was somehow possessed by and enshrined within the sanctuary of this church was at last refuted. (Thus freed I set out to) write about episodes and persons, known or overlooked, past or present, which are part of the History of the Holy Spirit and therefore the untold story of the church.”

(”The Politics of Advent,” The Witness [Dec. 1975], p. 9.)

“A most obstinate misconception associated with the gospel of Jesus Christ is that the gospel is welcome in this world. The conviction endemic among church folk persists that, if problems of misapprehension and misrepresentation are overcome and the gospel can be heard in its own integrity, the gospel will be found attractive by people, become popular and even be a success of some sort.
This idea is curious and ironical because it is bluntly contradicted in Scripture and in the experience of the continuing biblical witness in history from the event of Pentecost unto the present moment. During Jesus’ earthly ministry, no one in His family and not a single one of his disciples accepted Him, believed His vocation or loved the gospel He bespoke and embodies.
Since the rubrics of success, power, or gain are impertinent to the gospel, the witness of the saints looks foolish where it is most exemplary.”

(”Living with Defeat,” The Witness [May 1977], pp. 13-14.)

“Many men do not believe. Many men hate the Cross because it means a salvation not of their own choosing or making, but rather of God’s grace and his mercy. Men hate the cross because it means a salvation which is unearned, undeserved, unmerited. Men would much prefer God to punish them than to forgive them because that would mean that God is dependent upon men and needed their obedience to be their God. Then God would be in fact no different from an idol of race, nation, family, or whatever, and a man would feel justified either by his obedience to the idol or by the punishment of his disobedience.”

(”The Scandal of Palm Sunday,” Free in Obedience [Eugene, Oregon: Wipf & Stock, 2006], p. 33.)

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DH 04.03.09 at 5:24 pm

Some more strawman arguments. The fact is Scripture states “If YOU confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and Believe in YOU heart that God has risen from the dead you shall be saved.” It is unearned, unmerited and undeserved because God would still be God whether or not He sent His Son in the world to make Salvation available to all that receive be Faith in Him or not. God would be and also still is God whether or not He destroyed the world because of sin or sent Jesus like He did with the resurrection therein. “Without Faith it is impossible to please God.” It isn’t me but

I also don’t believe that not one of the disciples, family etc. accepted Him, believed His vocation, etc. They other than a few like Judas and a few of His family members ultiamtely believed before there individual deaths that Jesus was God. Heck, even Peter said “You are the Christ the Son of the living God.” It seems to me the Gospel is not solely the actions we are to live out but must include Believing the nature of God which is that Jesus is fully God and fully man and is alive in everyway today.

Many people do not believe the Gospel because they don’t believe that “The wages of sin is death…” People don’t believe the cross because they deny the resurrection of Christ and that Jesus is alive today. They don’t believe in the the cross because they don’t understand that Jesus is the only God and that one “shall have no other gods before me”. People want to believe Faith in the cross plus believe all of their other gods too. They also don’t want to take responsibility for their own sin. They want the ability to Believe in the corss plus “continue to sin that Grace may abound.”

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