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by Richard on September 27, 2004

The other day, my friend Bene Diction wrote a review of Blog on the Lillypad, a site which offers “A critique of Christianity, Christian fiction, Right wing Christian pretension (from an insider), everyday life, and big fat whopping adventures in time and space.” Woo hoo indeed!

Jeri introduces herself in a comment to an earlier post as the author of the most widely read Dr Who fan fiction site on the web. As a fan myself, I reckon that is pretty cool. But looking into her other writing revealed The Tae Kwon Do Memoirs

Read what it is really like to train in the martial arts. Written when I was a 38 year old woman with a third degree black belt in tae kwon do, a first degree brown belt in Shotokan karate, and experience for shorter stints in Iado, Judo, Wing Chun, and Kickboxing.

What do you call a woman who can do all that?


And you give her as many links as she asks for. ;)

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Jeriwho 09.28.04 at 12:06 am

Wow what an intro! But if you want to give me as many links as I ask for, grant me a link to my newly opened bookstore, in which I market some Christian classics from amazon.com to help recovering Fundamentalists keep their faith while jettisoning the nonsense, and I also sell books I release about the current troubles in Fundamentalism that remain unaddressed (for the most part) or outright denied (lots of times) by Fundamentalist preachers. I realize you don’t want an advertising site, but here is the link to the bookstore, and I will understand if you remove it. But the books that I’ve released personally through CafePress are the first to openly address the gross abuses—both of human beings and of doctrine—that have been tolerated in American Christian Fundamentalism:

BASSENCO’s Bookstore:

As for the martial arts, I regret that severe back trauma has put me out of my beloved tae kwon do for the last three and a half years. I am improving but still cannot kick. Someday I hope to be able to at least do the basic kicks again. I had to learn to take this setback from the Hand of God as well as everything else.

But martial arts and Christianity are a lot alike. There’s a lot of deception, boasting, facade, and flash-in-the-pan-crap in both disciplines. In both martial arts and Christianity, it’s what a person *does* that validates his or her claim to be a follower. Anybody can brag; anybody can boast; anybody can trust in words. But the person who doggedly puts the technique into proper execution is the person who truly follows that calling: Christian, or martial artist. Verifiable actions prove out the claim. Everything else is just words—mere air.


Richard 09.28.04 at 7:53 am

St James said something similar - and I’m not arguing!
And you’re very welcome to your bookshop link.

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