Goodbye to Jeanne

by Richard on September 28, 2004

My friend Ivan reports in from Florida:

Jeanne is gone (actually, now visiting in Georgia and other southern states as a wet, tropical depression) and now we go back to recovering from Frances, Charley and, in some other parts of the state, Ivan.  There are also many, many who got hit by Jeanne that had already hit hard by Jeanne and/or Charley.  For instance, Lake Wales had the eye of all three hurricanes go through and leave a wake of damage.  Also, Lake County and other areas that got off easy with Charley and Frances got a much more impressive visit from Jeanne.  Fruitland Park had to delay their sanctuary rennovation consecration till next Sunday.

 I feel like we should be preparing for the next storm instead of doing “normal” stuff, but the weather predictors say there is nothing directly in the offing, so we’ll take down the plywood, unpack our pictures and other belongings and try to go on with life as “normal”  while helping those still reeling from the others.

 Thanks again for all the prayers.

Let’s hope there are no more storms this year.

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Bene Diction 09.29.04 at 7:45 am

Ivan and Richard…thanks for letting us know how you are doing.
CTV reported from Lake Wales yesterday and I found myself wondering if anyone interviewed was someone you knew Ivan. I’d rather have a few weeks of blizzards than go through what you have, glad you are okay.

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