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by Richard on September 28, 2004

Following on from my piece last night, this morning I read on the BBC that “Too many schools do not take children on outdoor activities because they fear they would be sued if there was an accident, says schools watchdog Ofsted.”

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Malc 09.28.04 at 4:25 pm

I still think it’s wrong that a lot of schools are getting rid of Sports Day as it’s competitive and they don’t want students feeling foolish when they don’t win. I loved sports day. I think the best I ever managed was 3rd in the off road-cycling. I came last in the 1500, 5th in the Discus.
With the decline of proper sports being teached in schools are we to be surprised that the next generation is going to be made up of unfit, over-weight kids!!! I remember playing football, rugby, hockey, cricket in PE. We did athletics (running, throwing, jumping) in the summer. (We also did basket ball, table tennis, rounders and dance (blah!!!)) In my middle school we had a cross-country running club at lunch time. About a fifth to a quater of the school took part!!
It was fun!!!!


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