by Bene Diction on September 30, 2004

Blogging is a bit obsessive at times.
And we can get a bit carried away.
It is so interesting and it is fun.

There are lots of media articles that snark at blogs. That’s fine, some points are well taken.

However, this one had me howling with laughter. I thought it was a joke.
But it isn’t. This reporter is serious.

To get there, bloggers have to do three things. First, get a real beat, something outside the self-referential Internet world. Michelle Malkin, not primarily a blogger, has made a name for herself by establishing her expertise on such a beat: immigration. Imagine a blog devoted, for example, to a given sport, or a local blog that covered the Board of Education. Second, get off your duffs and go out in the real world in search of events and sources. Pick up the phone.

Third, drop the obsessive honk of blog prose, the self-regard as blatant as the note of a trombone. Ever try scanning back through a blog to find a reference to a story even a few weeks old? There is nothing drearier, more neurotic, than an old blog. Start writing to the short, punchy values of traditional news or to the traditional values of a good essay. Nobody cares about your damn diary.

How will we know when the blog world starts to break through into true viability as a news product? When blogs start to sell advertising and to pay attention to what they need to do to sell ads. Till then, they’re a sideshow. The money’s on the midway.

Want punchy buddy?
Take a chill pill.

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