Todd Bentley comeback?

by Richard on April 20, 2009

Bene Diction reckons that our old friend Todd Bentley is about due to make his comeback, neatly sidestepping the discipline that was supposed to have followed his high-profile troubles.

Just as long as he makes it back onto GodTV. I’ve missed him.

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Paul Martin 04.20.09 at 8:51 pm

Oh No! If i get back to watching Todd on God TV, he won’t be the only one getting a divorce. My wife is reminding me of lawyers she knows as I type these words.


Richard 04.20.09 at 9:46 pm

Even if he comes back, I don’t suppose he’ll dominate the channel like he did. Post credit-crunch, Rory & Wendy are relentlessly pursuing an End Times agenda. Hard to see how TB fits in with that


Rodney Olsen 04.20.09 at 10:17 pm

That’s a real kick in the face for the discipline process … but then I guess with TB a kick in the face is a means of imparting healing.


Bene D 04.20.09 at 10:39 pm

Head over to Quantcast and look at the numbers.
GodTV, MorningStar, they’ve missed him.

Would they be quick to broadcast 24/7 again?
The End Times series didn’t do well, I think they’ll try anything.


Daniel 05.18.09 at 10:26 pm

here’s some truth from behind the scenes in Abbotsford. Jessa first of all was an intern in the fall 08 cycle. She never applied for it Todd invited her into the internship. Even after a board member severly opposed it. Later Todd invited her and another intern to live in his house during the internship, and after the internship as a live in nanny.

At the same time the Bellingham, Washington church was being established so fresh fire could get a legal foot hold in America. This is evident by the lack and the sheer refusal to work with the local churches. It was just for the papers not the church.

In January 2009 2 members of the board confronted Todd about Jessa, and that it was wrong and they couldn’t stand by him about it. They where “relieved” of their position for doing so. This shouldn’t be surprising as another member of FFM was faceed with the same threat, after he caught Todd with another woman in England (this is what the dark night of the soul was actually about), the FFM member was forced to either work for FFM outside of North America or be fired. Jessa is woman number 4 that Todd has cheated on Shonnah with.

Todd isn’t 100% to blame just 80% the rest of the blame falls on those board members and pastors that refused to confront Todd on his infidelities. One in particular had the mind set that if Todd does it, it’s okay even if it isn’t for others. Others refused to confront because they didn’t want to loose their jobs (like many have over the years)

Even in Lakeland which I personally think was a two edged work of God, it was a blessing to the locals who have prayed for God to move. And the other edge was a judgement on Todd, in total over the top Todd style. During the highet of revival there was excessive drinking, slasher flicks, and other things I wont get into now with Todd and his inner circle (yes men). There was infighting with the leaders on stage, and the interns where just slaves with ministry badges. Or the fact that all the money collected for the orphans and for sudan never made it to them, it was instead used to pay for the buildings/land for the revival.

Even after Lakeland fell apart, and the news finally became public, Todd never returned home to Abbotsford. He remained in America (illegally) in California, then a breif stop in Reno for their quickey divorce rules. Then it was off to Rick Joyner and his marriage with Jessa

These words are not made up, this is a summary of many conversations I have had with former FFM employees, board members and former interns. I just can’t stand by and see Todd get away with this for a fourth time. A man who has turned his back on his wife and children once again. yet will be received by the masses as THE man of God.


wilma 05.28.09 at 12:58 am

i was a member of local Elim Pentecostal Church in Clydebank Scotland and also president of an international womens christian local group when i was asked my opinion on Todd Bentley by a group of women who attended both these above groups. I had not heard of him but started to watch the tv channel that aired his meetings and was very concerned and asked my pastor Gordon Allan of the Elim Pentecostal Church in Clyebank to check it out and get back to me as i needed his advice because i was very concerned at the influence on these other women getting caught up in the frenzy and weirdness of the teachings. Before I knew what was happening I was humiliated when I stood to pray and worship during the open time on Sunday morning Communion service and the junior pastor Becky Haldane turned up the music so loud to drown out my prayer. One of the deacons at least looked embarrassed for me and shame faced but kept silent and participated in the abuse and harrassment that followed. I was ostracised and then received several nasty letters stating i was not to pray or participate in the public worship. Although not a leader in the church, I have held many respectful positions of trust and was fully accepted and valued by each of the families until i approached the Pastor with my concern over Todd and his teachings, and i was given the cold shoulder by the deacons (these were my friends) at the instruction of the pastor and all without reason. I am 51 yrs old and had been in the church since an infant. One lady sent me an email saying she was scared to speak out in case she lost her membership too.I asked for a meeting first in private so we could talk together and seek God s help. I was stunned when a series of what i consider to be spirtitual abuse followed. The shocking behaviour of the man i had trusted and the other leaders refusal to look at the evidence clearly showed me that there was a spirit not of God at work in the lives of those I had trusted. The Holy Spirit was at the time, really blessing my testimony as I had recently come through major cancer surgery and although still suffering I was being used of God to bless many lives and there was a jelousy at work against me ( this was pointed out by many witnesses) and the evidence was that many were restored to Christ and I was being sought as a public speaker at many events to share what God had done in my life. Unable to understand why I was being treated so badly for asking that the pastor check out Todd Bentley I then heard he was quite involved and was taking the church quite suddenly to meetings with a very heavy Todd influence. I could not get any reason from pastor or deacons for my being treated as I was although I later was advised that it was cunning on his part to avoid putting anything in writing. Not satisfied I sent All correspondence that passed between the pastor and myself to his superior ..Kevin Peat who was in charge of all the pastors in scotland and north england. At first when i asked Kevin for a meeting to resolve the problems that arose, Kevin tried to avoid getting involved until I insisted after several attempts and eventually said i would have to consider seeking legal counsel. A meeting was planned so that i would be heard and also so that Clydebank Elim Pastor Gordon Allan would be heard and hopefully answers as to why i was treated so badly would be given and hopefully resolved and understanding and healing and even discipline if needed.Pastor Gordon and myself were each spoken to and then sent a letter where we agreed on a date where we each would be given 2hrs to be listened to, and then the leaders would look at the evidence from each of our complaints and a decision made. I was becoming very stressed and ill over the events which had spiralled to my demise and all because i queeried that i felt Todd Bentley needed to be checked out as to some of his teaching and was so hopeful that we could restore our relationship when \i recieved a letter from Gordon Allan the Clydebank Elim Pastor saying that the church had removed me from membership. I was stunned and shocked and called Pastor Ronnie Burns who is the pastor of Castle Douglas Elim as he was to chair the meeting as I could not make any sense of this further antagonistic attack on me. Pastor Burns was as shocked as me and said he had spoken to Pastor Gordon Allan earlier that day about the proposed meeting where he and Pastor Simon Foster ( Pastor of Glasgow Elim) and Pastor Kevin Peat ( Regional Leader) would hear our grievances and hope to sort things out.
I was told to ignore the letter dated and received on august 13th 2008 and come to the planned meeting on august 21st 2008. I did this and was accompanied by a former deacon of the local church and my husband. We took along written evidence of many kinds and testimony of witnesses to the abuse levelled at me and spent the 2hrs trying to make sense of it all.
Of course you may have noticed that my troubles started in May amd Todd fell into disgrace while my complaint was being swept aside.
I was so naive and fully trusted in the honourable expectations of the office each of these men held both in the eyes of man and of their calling in Christ.
How foolish I was and how very trusting….. A member of the Glasgow Elim Church heard of what happened to me and was compelled to challlenge Simon Foster saying the meeting was not correct or fair in that Simon was Gordons best friend and that Kevin Peat was previously the senior pastor of the church where Simon was his assistant for many years and therefore also very close in friendship.
All these men were astonished that Gordon Allan had removed me from membership PRIOR to the hearing. Simon invited me to be a part of his church and said he had people on his leadership team who gave him more grief and had colourful backgrounds and that he had met privately withPAstor Gordon Allan to try to make him back down nd see sense. Well unfortunately he only saw red.when it turned out my concerns about Todd Bentley became a reality that has shook cristendom and given the church a wake up call…. the enemy is sly and at work among us.
My hurt is very deep and damage has been done which has turned my husband and my eldest daughter very bitter to those we called family. The hard thing foe me is that so many of those we called friends have turned away from us without giving us the opportunity to be shown justice, without hearing our voice. I kept silence and never shared anything to any member of the church as I constantly hoped for sense to be made of it all. As the months have passsed I am praying that God will open their eyes and uncover the wickedness and lies of the deacon who was my friend and who blatantly lied and of the double lives of those others who have been entrusted with the spiritual accountability to our God who has promised to vindicate me. I am hurting real bad but I am contentedly waiting, for my God is a consuming fire and I can wait patiently for Him to work…and He will.


alison 07.12.09 at 11:58 pm

Hi there,
Wilma, I’m so sorry to hear about this problem in Clydebank Elim, I did hear there was some type of problem and you were involved…which shocked me. I met you once during Todd’s reign, and you were quite forceful about your beliefs of him while I did and still do believe he had theHoly Spirit working through him. I believe, like King David, you can walk in the Spirit and fall into sin when you leave the Spirit through temptation. God does not take his gifts back or leave you but you may well leave God for the temptations that are within his family, such as adultery etc. ( can be seen through his and his father’s testimony)
I myself feel the difference in prayer and ministry in the Spirit to when it is me me me…yuk yuk yuk! This is why we need forgiveness, too often I fall.

People make mistakes and sin, not all teachings within a church can meet everyone’s needs even in the Spirit as some do not know the truth if it prevents them from their sin. Todd, I believe, spoke mostly in the Spirit but when he left the Spirit his actions were not of God. This does not justify how you were treated with such hostility from a church that is Christian and the family of God. In churches we are supposed to come together and question, learn and pray about issues.
There are groups for that very purpose. It would have been better for all to pray for Spiritual guidance before the church decided your fate. There are so many different trains of thought in my church we would all be barred if this was the way to do things…indeed look at what the Jews did to Jesus for his questioning and teaching and they were wrong.
I miss Pastor Simon as he was a great influence on Glasgow Elim and I am glad you found a friend in him.
hope you are keeping well

God Bless, hope to see you soon.
Alison F.


wilma colquhoun 08.03.09 at 10:53 pm

thank you alison for your comments and your softness. I must confirm to you about my original reason for hearing about Todd Bentley. I was for asking and trusting my pastor to check out the BIBLICAL ERROR of Todd’s TEACHING. I was completely ignorant of any MORAL ISSUES at the time of my enquiry and was not watching him as a regular viewer or following him in any way at all. I was responding to other women…some in the Elim Church were we attended and on behalf of others in the womans ministry where i was president. It was when I watched him teach on kicking people in the face and of his claims of alien abduction stuff that I was disturbed at the things he taught and needed confirmation of its as I was very cautious of my own suitability as a leader that might bring division between the groups I was involved with. I actually resigned my leadership position rather than cause people to be distressed and feel the need to take sides…….I love all of those who have hurt me but find it impossible to picture them taking communion and singing songs of worship each day and each Lord’s Day and think for a minute that the Lord is listening.
It is in my heart to have fellowship with any of them but It is they who have turned against me not I of them…………the world has a judicial system which gives the accused a hearing……………not in the church where I was faithful for more than 40years.
My husband and family have turned their back on Christians and are now so cynical…………………my heart breaks as the only way forward is if they turn back from their sin. I have learned so much about my own trusting and will never allow myself to be so gullible and find myself unable to connect deeply with another church as I now question everything…………….I know God is so very close and there have been amazing confirmations of Todd’s guilt as he fell from honesty and got caught in the grasp of the power performance that sadly becomes a demand of the masses………….however.HE KNEW HE WAS WRONG…………….and he has still kept quiet. I will know he has repented..IF he ever does.
Bless you for taking time to encourage me Alison…..I cant place you… and i am sorry for that. Shalom.


anonymous 09.09.09 at 11:55 am


Thank you for sharing your harrowing experiences here. I am sorry that you have had to go through that. It is right that you name names when these people are unrepentant and still in positions of authority where they can continue to abuse others. I pray that you will find healing and a new church so you can put the past behind you.


Simon 09.11.09 at 1:18 pm

Did the church at Clydebank realise that Todd Bentley was not a man of God before he committed adultery, or after?


Brian Johnson 09.12.09 at 8:44 pm

Readers may be interested to read an article on Lakeland by Dutch Sheets
in which he appears to repent on behalf of the Chairsmaitc movement :

See this page


Ray 09.17.09 at 9:24 pm

People should not let themselves be drawn exclusively into discussing Todd’s moral failure, although since Bentley now has more than one wife he does fail to meet the scriptural guidelines for being a minister along the guidelines of God’s word.

The apologists for Bentley and co. can just brush off discussions of his moral failure as being symptomatic of unforgiveness.

What needs to be focused on are Bentley’s obsession with angels, his calling down angels, his false teachings, and the apparent lies and contradictions concerning Emma, along with his bizarre behavior on the platform. To my knowledge he has not repented of any of those things.


Matthew Oakley 02.08.10 at 4:05 pm

The Todd Bentley issue is symptomatic of the lazy, compromising, unholy lifestyle that passes for Christianity in America.

Now take note of this:

From America has arisen a new teaching - the so-called new Apostolic Reformation.

Todd Bentley was ‘commissioned’ by people who saw themselves as apostles, as a higher and better manifestation of governmental authority in the Church.

I hope the Todd Bentley debacle has dealt a fatal blow to the idea of Apostolic Reformation. I truly hope it is dead in the water.


Charmaine 05.16.11 at 10:20 pm


Your testimony has broken me. I know some of the persons you mentioned as I used to be a member at Glasgow Elim. I thoroughly enjoyed the worship there, loved the leaders and the fellowship. However, I was always concerned with the deepening relationship with the Toronto Church and the scriptural basis of their claims.

After a year there, I was asked to leave or to never ever demonstrate the intensity of prayer I did in an early morning prayer meeting. (On that fateful Friday morning we were all praying. When my turn arrived I began to pray. In so doing I remember asking folks to praise Him- but my tone was more of a command, from what I recall. In the moment of prayer I also removed the sweater that I was wearing, which I later learnt was interpreted as me removing my clothes). It was very unfortunate when I was asked to leave about a week or two later.

I left feeling displaced, disoriented as I really enjoyed the early morning prayer times, the Saturday evening refreshings and Sunday worship. However, the day I was told to leave, when I arrived home the Holy spirit immediately comforted me from the Scriptures of my worthiness- I’ve never been able to look up at that commendation that I still don’t feel worthy of.

I am writing with the hope to encourage you, because I know how depressing such an experience can be. However, we know whom we serve and we do live in perilous times. Think of Our Lord, He has suffered far more insults, rejection, scorn than we can endure. We endure it for Him, because He has demonstrated His greater love for us by suffering far more.

Insult was further added when out of an early commitment I had made to the Lord to support the church building project with a sum of money. (I was a student at the time I made the vow with God and had to wait to complete my studies to fulfill it). When I sent the money from and didn’t get an acknowledgement it was received I was concerned as I was sending it from overseas. I emailed to find out about it and had to do so about 3 times before the receipt was acknowledged. Strangely, though I felt offended I still loved the people there and looked forward to visiting sometime in the future. I did so last year June and was disappointed to see the small number- when I left in 2001 the church was really growing. Also the presence of God was not felt- but then this is probably just me being subjective.

Wilma, I love the Lord. and like Him I would meet with disappointments from those in the body. Jesus did not let it stop Him from meeting and fellow-shipping and bringing others into His Kingdom. He stayed focussed and accomplished His Father’s purpose recognising the enemy will always come to bring despair.

Pleased be encouraged to continue fellow-shipping wherever the Lord will lead you. There will always be persons fully committed to the Lord in our midst and there will be the others, serving their own purposes. Don’t be sidetracked. Jesus is coming back for His faithful few. Let’s stay faithful, let’s not forsake fellowship. You are needed in the body and needed by many. May the Lord lead you to where you may be an effective witness of Him and the cross.

Continue being faithful to the Word of truth and discerning of those who are not Our Lord’s.

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