No time for a blog post of my own…

by Richard on April 21, 2009

I’m driving down to Cardiff to do a training sesion today, and as I need to be in Wrexham tomorrow I’ll have to come back tonight when I’m done. That kind of constrains your day, and leaves little time for blogging. But here are a few things I’ve noticed from others.

PamBG on love the sinner

Will Grady has been in Epworth

Dave Warnock is doing a little bike ride

Olive Morgan appeals on behalf of persecuted Christians

David Hallam is giving the Gambling Commission a hard time

Chris Stacey remembers the fine city of Sheffield

John Cooper plans a Pentecost relaunch

And Sarah has been enjoying the Bank Holiday despite having had a time of it lately.

But I’m going to Cardiff.

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Micky 04.28.09 at 2:14 pm

Hi Richard
just to say that after a significant gap - due mostly to letting work get completely on top of me during Lent, I am now blogging again - ‘hail the day that sees him rise!’ Easter must have done the job!


Richard 04.28.09 at 4:24 pm

Good to see you back blogging, Micky. I’ve just linked your “WIT” piece.

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