Ministry in the body of Christ

by Kim on April 26, 2009

“Christ is like a single body with its many limbs and organs … But God has combined the various parts of the body, giving special honour to the humbler parts” (I Corinthians 12:12, 24).

All the organs of the body were having a church meeting, trying to decide who should be in charge.

“I should be in charge,” said the brain, “because I run all our systems, so without me nothing would happen.”

“I should be in charge,” said the blood, “because I circulate the oxygen, so without me you’d all waste away.”

“I should be in charge,” said the stomach, “because I begin the food-processing which nourishes the rest of you.”

“I should be in charge, ” said the legs, “because I carry all of you wherever we need to go.”

“I should be in charge,” said the eyes, “because I make sure we get where we’re going.”

Then the rectum spoke. “I should be in charge, ” he said, “because I’m responsible for the waste removal.”

All the other body parts laughed at the rectum and insulted him, so in a huff he shut down tight. Within a few days the brain had a terrible headache, the blood became toxic, the stomach became bloated, the legs got wobbly, and the eyes got watery. So they took a vote and conceded that the rectum should be the boss.

Moral: that’s why an asshole is usually in charge of the local church.

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Richard 04.26.09 at 8:02 pm

From one asshole to another — that’s good :)


DH 04.27.09 at 4:37 pm

No wonder Evangelicals like myself are looked down upon. The church and individuals within the church needs to be “cleansed” from sin and it seems the church more and more is allowing sin and condoning sin so as to “shut up tight”.
We all know the church needs a good “enema”.

So Kim, if I give you a “headache” at least you can see that I DO have a good heart about it.

As Jesus said “”The kingdom of God is near. Repent and believe the good news!”

Maybe that is why myself and other Evangelicals are looked down upon. :)

However, I was just thinking, the rectum is controlled involuntary by the brain so maybe there is more “Brains” within the Evangelical community than people realize? :) I definitely know from what Kim has told me that in Wales that is the case in a bad way in that they have “bad (BRAINS c/o)” being injested there. :)


DH 04.27.09 at 4:39 pm

What an oxymoron in Wales in that they have “Brains” and drink “Brains” at the same time. However to Kim, anybody with half a brain wouldn’t drink “Brains”. :)

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