My weekend adventure

by Richard on April 26, 2009

It isn’t very often that a trip to synod is an adventure, but this time it was. A small adventure to be sure, but good fun for all that.

The Wales Synod is invariably held In Newtown, it being equally inconvenient for almost all the members. I’d intended to go by train so that the wife and kiddies would have use of the car. Since I had to be in Cardiff today, I reasoned that it would make sense to continue from Newtown to the capital by train, and have an overnight stay. The alternative would involve a very early start from Wrexham This morning, and I didn’t fancy it. But if I had to be away from home, it seemed to me that a spot of camping would Be in order. (There’s no joy in being on my own in the sort of hotels I can afford to stay in!)

So I arrived at the Synod, fashionably late, and bearing more than a passing resemblance to the Happy Wanderer, with my rucksack and bedding roll. At This point I’m obliged to admit that my wife thought my plan had More than a little lunacy about it, an opinion clearly shared by other synod members!

My train from Newtown got me in to Cardiff just as the sun was thinking of going to wake up the kiwis, so after my short hike to the campsite I needed to pitch my little tent with a certain amount of haste to be able to see what I was doing. That task was soon completed, and after inspecting the ‘facilities’ I wandered back into the city centre for a bite of supper.

I got up early this morning after a good kip and a relatively early night - I heard a clock strike quarter past eleven, but I don’t remember anything after that - and returned to the city to find some breakfast. The opportunities were a bit limited, so I set my principles to one side and had coffee and a bagel from a well known purveyor of fast food that has a 24 hr establishment. Next time, if there should be a next time, I’ll pack my stove so that I can brew up for myself.

My preaching for the day is now all done, and I’m winging my way through the borders full of thoughts of hearth and home, my mini-adventure almost done. I wouldn’t want to spend every weekend this way, but I’m bound to say that there are many worse ways to spend a couple of days.

The only question now is whether the walking I’ve done is sufficient for the calories I’ve consumed. Time will tell!

(Oh, and my apologies for the gratuitous picture of a Class 57 loco on Cardiff station. I just like trains)

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Will 04.27.09 at 7:21 am

Wow, the most exciting thing that happened to me on my journey to and from Synod this past weekend was when the road construction got me confused and I inadvertently took the wrong junction. I had to get back on the motorway. For just a couple of minutes there it was dodgy.


malc 04.27.09 at 10:28 am

Incidently, the 57’s are known as Zombies or Bodysnatchers and the ones owned by Virgin are named after Thunderbird characters.

That is all!!



Jen 04.27.09 at 11:47 am

Sounds like fun! :) Didn’t realise there was a camping site so close to the centre.


Richard 04.27.09 at 2:37 pm

Jen - it came as a surprise to me when I learned of it a week or two ago. It’s a very nice site, very convenient for the city.

Malc - I knew that (more or less!) The 57’s are re-built 47’s, which I used to watch on Doncaster railway station long ago. Sad, but true.


Tony Buglass 04.27.09 at 4:15 pm

So, the caricature confirmed yet again: vicars are trainspotters!

Well, I decided to be radical and nonconformist. I know stuff-all about trains. But aeroplanes - now that’s different. I can identify any mark of Spitfire, discourse at length on aviation history and aircraft performances - l’anorak, c’est moi!

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