It may be good management - but is it God’s ministry..?

by Richard on June 15, 2009

The Kneeler thunders against the adoption of “management-speak” by the church

Leaving aside the cute in-speak of greens and reds.. of clusters and cores, the bottom line is that the Church has now fully embraced the concepts of governance, management and leadership (in spite of the fact that the report from which this 1980’s business jargon was plundered was NOT adopted by the Methodist Conference of 2005)

So what…? Who cares..? What’s to get excited about?

Well - nothing really - as long as we expect the British Methodist Church to be just another institution with a mission statement in the same way that BP or IBM is. If that were the case I would join the ranks of the delighted professionals and celebrate the fact that there is now approaching something vaguely professional about our Church leadership..

The trouble is, in my heart of hearts, I DO expect something different from my Church something - well - at least vaguely spiritual, or religious or even – dare I say it METHODIST - as well as professional.

BUT If I can’t have both - well then I’d settle for an holy but Godly mess over and above a sterile professional heart to the Church every time.

Dave Warnock offers some further helpful thoughts.

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Kim 06.15.09 at 11:01 pm

Not bad at all. Except for the expectation of something “at least vaguely spiritual, or religious” (the “dare I say METHODIST” I’ll write off as an enthusiastic rush of blood to the head via a heart strangely warmed). The problem being that if managerialism is a Trojan horse crapping in church headquarters, the “vaguely spiritual, or religious” is often what masquerades as discipleship in the shires. The common denominator is market capitalism and consumerism. The common cure is, er, Jesus.


DH 06.16.09 at 3:45 pm

What does “management speak” have to do with “captialism”? I still don’t see the connection. I believe strongly that church is made up “…with many members and all members have not the same office so we being many are one body of Christ.” and when one reads the Epistles regarding “gifts of the Spirit” there are some “giftings” which imply “management”. Not that the manager is better than who is being led because that is clearly not the case but the office of manager implied by the definitions of the giftings aka 1 Cor 12 & Eph. 4.

With regard to mission/management statement, what is wrong with a church having a “statement” of values/beliefs/leadership as l0ng as it doesn’t go against what Scripture says. There was a hierarchy of leadership aka disciples/apostles/pastor/teachers in the 1st Century church so it is now days. I see no connection to Capitalism/consumerism. If one does see a connection then maybe Scripture has more Capitalism in it than Kim realizes even more than the parable of the talents which promotes investing which is a trait of capitalism.


Richard 06.16.09 at 4:48 pm

Kim, the floor is yours. I have to get to Cardiff.


Kim 06.16.09 at 6:25 pm

You’re too generous - with floors.

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