On the road

by Richard on June 16, 2009

Heading south for a meeting in Cardiff. It’s too hot to be driving. Hereford’s a bottle neck. I’m cheesed off, and the Asda cafe is the best I can do.

Yes. I’m after sympathy.

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Beth 06.16.09 at 5:00 pm

You poor love :(

I just went for a run for the first time in 15 years… it is, indeed, really very hot!


DH 06.16.09 at 5:50 pm

Sorry, to here your having a tough time. Could it be that the bottle neck is because of all of the “Hereford” “cows” on the road? Lord knows in America we have our share of those. In Kansas City we even have a “Hereford House Steakhouse”
:) Just trying to cheer you up.

Maybe this will cheer you up for people to see the cafe your eating at :) :
Sounds and looks pretty good.


Kim 06.16.09 at 6:20 pm

You should be after a few double espressos!


Paul Martin 06.16.09 at 7:36 pm

Sorry but anyone wanting sympathy from me is either naive or confuses me with kindly individual who bears no resemblance with me.

Oh ……… it! Any0ne destined for an ASDA cafe gets sympathy so all the best.


Phillip Fayers 06.17.09 at 9:28 am

Surely the hassle and heat are but trifles compared to the wonder and delight that are yours because you’ll be in Cardiff!


Richard 06.17.09 at 12:03 pm

I had a good time in Cardiff, of course. I’ve abandoned all my anti-Cardiff prejudices since I moved from Swansea. Now it’s the whole of South Wales I have a chip on my shoulder about ;)

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