Imprecatory prayer

by Richard on August 18, 2009

Bene Diction is hot under the collar about imprecatory prayer. It seems that some on the Right are now actively praying for Obama’s death.

People have been driven out of churches because of the abuse of this militant dominionism, and have suffered spiritual, emotional and mental harm. Marginalized groups in society such as GLBT have been their target. Some leaving NAR and dominionism (walkaways) have not made it. Now in praying evil and destruction on their enemies NAR and neo-charismatics are demanding God do their will and remove the obstacles that prevent them from reaching their goals of dominion (ruling). We are either for them or against them, and they seek to rule their churches, communities and countries as apostles and masters. God is a heavenly hit man they believe is at their beck and call.

On a separate but, I think, related note, I was watching a bit of Jack Van Impe on the telly last night. I found it very confusing. He was railing against the Communism that he was sure was coming under Obama, telling us that we had to be careful, to take a stand. And then he said that was all a part of the coming New World Order that is foretold in scripture and is therefore, I assume, irresistible.

He also said he had some “essential information” for me about the coming New World Order, but I’d have to order his DVD to get it. But I was watching then. He had my attention. If there was something he thought I had to know, couldn’t he have just told me?

You don’t think he was just after my money, do you?

We live in strange times.

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Wood 08.18.09 at 3:26 pm

Like I was saying, then. The US Right: naive, stupid, or arseholes.

No other explanations.


Kim 08.18.09 at 4:03 pm

Except possessed.


DH 08.20.09 at 7:00 pm

Bene’s response is just as over the top as all of the articles he has referenced. I prefer to be “balanced” as opposed to label all people within the US Right in the category of the minority extreme that Bene’s has referenced. I can come up with just as many lunatic lefties but I’m not about to label all US Left in with the minority within the US Left who are lunatic lefties.

There are some on the left who want Communism but I don’t bring it up because I know it is a minority view within the US Left. The same goes for those on the right who desire Obama’s death. This view does NOT represnet the majority view within the US Right or the Evangelical Right.

I can point to you hundreds of people who don’t attend church because they see no difference between the church and the world. Not all people who leave the church leave for the same reason and many of the reasons brought about here are NOT the majority reasons why people leave the church.

I don’t overgeneralize so why should we believe Bene who is doing the exact same thing? I really liked Mark Byron’s reply on Bene’s site. He reiterated the same thing but in even a more eloquint way. Lord knows I try to be “eloquint” but many times I fall short. :)


DH 08.20.09 at 7:07 pm

Wood, I can point to just as many on the US Left who are all of those things as well but I’m not going to focus on the minority within the US LEFT. How about having more respect and realizing that the majority of the US Right are NOT what you claim to say? I don’t project the minority views of people who agree with you onto you so why would you do that very thing?

Peopl who desire Obama to die should be ridiculed but people who desire Communism should be as well. For there are about as many who hold each view as each other.


Bene D 08.21.09 at 1:00 am

I liked Mark’s response too, DH.

However suggesting Zombie walkers show up to Stanley Park is not imprecatory prayer.
You underestimate Mark, DH.

Public imprecatory prayer is just a bullys insecure way to get attention.
It indicates an egotistical, immature concept of God, an out of balance behavior of a citizens role in a democracy, I was speaking about a very specific group, theologically, politically and culturally.

And Richards point is also well taken and well tied in - we know what Jack Van Impe wants. Just another kind of fear based intimidation.

And as usual, I can count on you to completely miss the point.


DH 08.21.09 at 4:07 pm

No I didn’t miss the point. When a person references “Religious Right” one cannot lump all of them together or give that impression like you do ever so often.

A person who agrees 60% with a particular group does not mean that the person agrees 100% and so one should use the “extreme” within the group to project onto the group as a whole. Maybe you need to be more balanced, address the extreme like you do but do so as to not lump ALL people within that group in with the extremes?

That isn’t missing the point but recognizing byour true intentions which is to never acknowledge the good, benefits, positives, etc, aspects of the Religious Right. Should I lump all “Religious Left” in with the Communists or with the Agnostics because some extremes within the “Religious Left” are those things? Absolutely not. So I believe you should do the same.

Here is a comparison:
Those who say Obama should die are being abhorant (period)


(your way)
Those who say Obama should die are being abhorant. Since those who say Obama should die happen to be “Religious Right” then all of the “Religious Right” are abhorant.

P.S.: I saw marked on the side walk “George Bush should be murdered”: I personally think it would be better for me to say the statement is abhorant and the person saying it is abhorant as opposed to lumping all the “Left” and saying “Since the person who said George Bush should be murdered is from the Left then the Left is abhorant.”

See the difference and the problem with your delivery, Bene?

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