Yasser Arafat

by Richard on October 27, 2004

The BBC is reporting that Yasser Arafat is very ill.

Unidentified Palestinian officials told reporters that Mahmoud Abbas, the deputy leader of the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO), and Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qurei were at his bedside.
Reports say the entire Palestinian leadership has been summoned to the compound.
A report on Israeli radio that Mr Arafat had lost consciousness was quickly denied by his staff.
Israel has again offered to allow Mr Arafat to leave his compound for surgery in Ramallah, if needed - an offer rejected on Tuesday.

If he should die and with no obvious successor, who knows what this might mean for the region?

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Mark Byron 10.28.04 at 10:45 pm

“Who knows what this might mean for the region? ”

A very messy future. That’s why we need to pray for Arafat’s health, even if we don’t care for his act. His successors will likely be more jihadist than he is.

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