We’re not good Christians

by Bene Diction on October 28, 2004

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It’s remarkable, considering the tone of so many Christian sermons and messages, that any church has honest people show up at all. I can’t imagine that any religion in the history of humanity has made as many clearly false claims and promises as evangelical Christians in their quest to say that Jesus makes us better people right now. With their constant promises of joy, power, contentment, healing, prosperity, purpose, better relationships, successful parenting and freedom from every kind of oppression and affliction, I wonder why more Christians aren’t either being sued by the rest of humanity for lying or hauled off to a psych ward to be examined for serious delusions.

Evangelicals love a testimony of how screwed up I USED to be. They aren’t interested in how screwed up I am NOW. But the fact is, that we are screwed up. Then. Now. All the time in between and, it’s a safe bet to assume, the rest of the time we’re alive. But we will pay $400 to go hear a “Bible teacher” tell us how we are only a few verses, prayers and cds away from being a lot better. And we will set quietly, or applaud loudly, when the story is retold. I’m really better now. I’m a good Christian. I’m not a mess anymore. I’m different from other people.

What a crock. Please. Call this off. It’s making me sick. I mean that. It’s affecting me. I’m seeing, in my life and the lives of others, a commitment to lying about our condition that is absolutely pathological.

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Olive Morgan 10.29.04 at 9:37 am

We had a preacher who -for several years - shrieked hysterically at us that we were absolutely AWFUL, and there was never any Good News or message of hope. It was soul-destroying and I dreaded going to church. (I stayed because God said to me, ‘Stay in this place. If you do, I will bless you and no harm will come to you.) Against such preaching, a few went to the Evangelicals, and who can blame them. It was making some people ill.

Surely, our Christian message should be a balanced one - full of Good News and hope but gently recognising our human faults and failures which are to be confessed and forgiven regularly. The church is not a company of saints but a loving, caring ‘hospital for sinners’.

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