Liberty Bible

by Bene Diction on October 28, 2004


If this cover was the Union Jack, the Canadian Flag, or the Russian flag…what thoughts or feelings would it evoke?

What thoughts or feelings does it evoke seeing a US cover?

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cricket 10.28.04 at 2:04 pm

My first reaction was EWWWWW!!!. It seems almost blasphmous, but it is a cultural thing and that doesn’t mean I have the right to judge.


Randy McRoberts 10.28.04 at 2:30 pm

I’m American, and I think it is disgraceful. Why cheapen the scripture with mere patriotism? We are unified by something far greater and far more important than mere nationality, which for most of us is a matter of chance anyway. I wouldn’t have this Bible on my bookshelf. It is shameful.


Mike 10.28.04 at 3:03 pm

It’s dispicable propaganda.


Malc 10.28.04 at 4:01 pm

If it had a Canadian flag, does that mean you’d put up a picture of the Leafs or something, or would you be sticking with the Statue of Liberty??? That and I’m not sure how easilly it’d be to fit another flag in, cause with the US flag least you can just show that little bit and you know it. The Red, White and Blue of Russia doesn’t quite work….
And why doesn’t it surprise me that it isn’t available in King James……??
Oh, I do think it’s a travesty, but at the same time I’m surprised it hasn’t been done before!!!


Bene Diction 10.28.04 at 4:43 pm

If you stick with the marketing…any man made symbol would do. The Kremlin, the Peace Tower, the Sydney Harbour Bridge…


Jake 10.28.04 at 7:58 pm

What comes to mind? One word. Idolatry.


Joel Thomas 10.28.04 at 8:38 pm

Too horrible for words. Civil religion at its worst.


Bene Diction 10.28.04 at 10:28 pm

I went to the UK, Canadian, and Australian Bible Society sites.
The closest thing I could find resembling this cover was roof tops of Cambridge on the UK Cambridge Bible.


Pieter Friedrich 10.29.04 at 6:04 am

Gotta say, for once I agree with you (and the commenters on this post), Richard. That Bible cover is, I believe, both blasphemous and despicable propaganda.


Solly 10.29.04 at 11:38 am

Try witnessing to a Muslim with that Bible!!


RobS 10.29.04 at 10:56 pm

It’s hard to conceive of a British equivalent. Apart from a Union Jack, what symbol of British national pride could you put on the cover of a Bible? Nelson’s Column? The Houses of Parliament? Stonehenge? Cricket on the green, a glass of warm beer and a bobby on a bicycle? A rally of the British National Party?


Rob 10.30.04 at 7:54 am

“…what symbol of British national pride could you put on the cover of a Bible?”

Prince Charles?

Maybe I shouldn’t make this joke. All I need to see is a George W. Bush or John Kerry Bible.


Richard 10.31.04 at 9:41 pm

What a great find - I would put one on my bookshelf, if only as a useful sermon illustration. I’m delighted to see such unanimity across a wide spectrum of otherwise divided opinion. There is common ground here after all!

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