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by Mike on October 29, 2004

One day, an average American - let’s call him Joe - found himself at the Gates of Heaven. After chatting a little while with Peter, he couldn’t ignore a row of clocks that seemed to be displayed on a wall above Peter’s desk. “What’re those?”, asked Joe. “Ah, those are the Presidential clocks”, replied Peter. He continued, “each American President has one of those clocks up there. You see, the movement represents the lies they’ve told; each lie they utter is represented by a rotation of the hands. It’s kind a record we can keep”. Joe thought for a while. “Interesting”, he said, “Look! There’s George Washington”.
“That’s right”, said Peter, “he was a good guy”.
“And Abe Lincoln” replied Joe, as he noted that the hands had moved slightly more than they had on George’s clock.
“Ah, old Abe”, mentioned Peter, “he too was a good man. Difficult job though, wasn’t easy to always tell the truth for him”.
Joe continued to inspect the clocks: “There’s Reagan. Phew, he was a bit on the colourful side, eh? And Clinton! Man, so it’s true, time does fly when you’re having fun!”
“Hehehe, yeah, people often note Bill’s record there…”
“…Wait” said Joe, “Where’s George Dubya’s clock? I mean, I see his dad there, but where’s he? Surely of all people…”
Peter jumped in, “Ah, dubya. Well, that’s in Jesus’s office. He’s using it as a ceiling fan”.

Courtesy of Kim Fabricius

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Steve 10.29.04 at 3:36 pm



Mark Byron 10.30.04 at 11:10 am

The same joke was floating around, but with a Clinton fan, a few years back.


Richard 10.31.04 at 9:44 pm

Plus ca change…

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