by Richard on October 31, 2004

I’m baa–ack! :)
And I’m saying a heartfelt thanks to Bene Diction, Joel and Mike for coming up with some great content over the last few days. Don’t let my return put you off guys!

I did a bit more than just turn off the computer. I went with my wife and kids to stay with the girls’ godmother in North Wales, “quality time” together, to use the dreadful jargon. But it has been a very pleasant break. I sat under a retired minister this morning and although it might be possible to make all sorts of critical comments about the “technical” aspects of the service I’m bound to say that his message touched me deeply and was just what I needed.

Other highlights? A trip to the cinema to see the gloriously execrable Alien vs Predator. From the sublime to the ridiculous!

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Bene Diction 11.01.04 at 2:00 am

Welcome back, glad your time away was productive.


Mike 11.01.04 at 1:37 pm

Is it common practice to sit under retired ministers in the Methodist church? In all my time i’ve never seen such a thing. Surely it can’t be comfortable for either party.


Richard 11.01.04 at 4:01 pm

They keep the draughts off wonderfully!


Malc 11.01.04 at 4:11 pm

So when you say you “turned off the computer” it was more like being in North Wales they have no computer access….. or electricity, running water, indoor toilets, etc……..


Richard 11.01.04 at 5:02 pm

I’ve got too many friends in North wales to be able to respond safely to that Malc!

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