5 things I love about Methodism

by Richard on December 8, 2009

Micky and Dave are both pointing to The Road to Elder-ado: 5 things I love about Methodists. So it has to be worth a quick squit.

Micky then raises the challenge: So - go on then, why do you love Methodism? How could I not answer that?

In no particular order…

1. The ‘Connexion’
The structure of Methodism (here, at any rate) places s in a network of mutual accountability and discipline. Churches are bound together in Circuits which are the basic unit of mission and ministry. At best, this provides a means by which churches in different circumstances are able to uphold one another. This is sometimes expressed as “the strong support the weak”, but it is deeper than that. Through the Circuit, the principle is established that the loudest voices and the biggest financial contribution don’t have the final say, a principle which is extended through the various layers of church life.

At best.

2. Lay preaching.
OK, lots of churches have lay preaching, but I think I’m right in saying that it is the Methodist Church which provides the model for others in this. Our ‘Local Preachers’ are not (or should not) be regarded as “second best”, but provide the backbone for the worship in or churches Sunday by Sunday.

3. Wesley’s hymns
I know. I would say that. But where, other than Methodism would you get to sing such gems as “Let earth and heaven agree”?

4. Social holiness.
Here I’m in absolute agreement with Micky, so I might as well quote: “If we forget this we will have lost our identity. Engaging with the world in all it’s messiness is truly incarnational. So we march for climate change, hold hands to end poverty, run soup kitchens and neighbourhood care schemes, engage with the principalities and powers and buy fair trade produce. This is the out-working of the personal holiness, which we also forget at our peril.”

5. Theology
“For all, for all, my Saviour died”
Nuff said.

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