Global warming debate

by Richard on December 18, 2009

George Monbiot claims victory over arch-’skeptic’ Ian Plimer.

But you can watch the debate and make your own mind up.

My money’s on Monbiot. But you knew that.

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Dan Pangburn 12.18.09 at 7:45 pm

A fairly simple model accurately predicts average global temperatures since 1895. Consideration of change to the level of CO2 or any other ghg is not needed. The model, with an eye-opening graph, is presented in the October 16 pdf at

This model predicted the ongoing temperature decline trend. None of the 20 or so models that the IPCC uses do.


Surfers Gold Coast 12.19.09 at 11:17 am

You know.. I have given this some thought. IF they where serous about this, instead of CAP and TRADE, it would JUST BE CAP!!! sorry about the caps… Anyways, Merry Christmas!


Oksanna 01.16.11 at 5:32 pm

Yes, Richard, perhaps you backed a winner, but ‘how the race was won’?…

The Monbiot Plimer debate on ABC was notable for more than Monbiot’s ad hominem attacks and Plimer’s poor memory. Tony Jones the Australian ABC TV host gets an honorable mention for another hatchet-job on non-compliant scientists. He previously smeared Prof. Frederick Singer and gave him no right of reply, in the prelude to the “Swindle Debate” featuring four skeptics and eight warmists, which was stage-managed by panelist Robyn Williams, the ABC’s climate science gatekeeper.

In the Monbiot Plimer debate, both were given roughly equal time of reply. HOWEVER: Monbiot interrupted Plimer an astonishing eighteen (18) times. To which Jones intervened only twice after the event. Jones himself interrupted Plimer three (3) times. Plimer interrupted Monbiot once. Both called the other side fraudulent, only Monbiot called Plimer a liar. Both Jones and Monbiot had the look of cats who had drunken their fill of milk after the mauling. Monbiot’s interruptions assisted by Jones’complicity deprived Plimer of the chance to get a reply in edgeways.

So to sum it up, it was Tony Jones of the ABC whose abyssmal performance stands out, followed by Monbiot for lack of any social grace. Plimer would have won by default, but for the star performer whom only the alert audience would have observed: the live footage of icy weather on the white snow-covered streets of Copenhagen behind Monbiot’s satellite screen.

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