Some quick links

by Richard on February 19, 2010

Wood gets poetically angry (or maybe that should be angrily poetic). Whichever, it’s good stuff.

Virtual Methodist offers some West Texas wisdom

Dave Warnock asks What if we create a better world for nothing?

Mark Byron wants a little less bile

Bene Diction reports that Benny Hinn is being divorced by his wife

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Joel 02.23.10 at 4:50 am

I guess his wife found no profit in the prophet. :-)


Joel 02.23.10 at 4:51 am

Mrs. Hinn, that is, per Bene Diction’s report.


Bene D 03.02.10 at 7:58 am

Someone in the marriage had to file, I doubt Mr. Hinn would damage his empire by doing so.

Mark B is correct - I find the pentecostal/charismatic world Rick Hiebert posts about as mysterious and vocal as um, theologians.:^)

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