Diversity Thanksgiving

by Joel on November 27, 2004

One of the bloggers that I follow regularly posted a Thanksgiving essay of photos and images. While they are great images, I was struck by one thing — they are an image of an enitrely white America.

I don’t have the ability to post photos, but I want to offer the names of some others that I am thankful for. They include Crispus Attucks, Cesar Chavez, Otis Redding, Ponca Indian Chief Standing Bear (whose statue is located in Ponca City, Oklahoma), Martin Luther King, Jr., Cherokee Principal Chief John Ross, Frederick Douglass, “The Guardian” statue of an Indian warrior that stands atop the Oklahoma State Capitol dome, Jimi Hendrix, Rosa Parks, Daniel Inouye (lost right arm in World War II; first American of Japanese descent to serve in either house of Congress).

Chief Standing Bear’s trial in 1879 led a U.S. District Court to rule for the first time that Native Americans are people and entitled to citizenship.

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Steve 11.27.04 at 9:07 am

Hi Joel - I use http://www.fotopages.com to ipload photos and then simply enter a link to the photo, in order to avoid using up all o fmy server space- it works well…




Joel Thomas 11.27.04 at 2:14 pm


Perhaps I should have said that as a guest blogger here, it’s not my practice to post pictures. Clearly, Richard’s site can and does put up pictures.


Richard 11.27.04 at 2:34 pm

Using photopages to store the pictures does look like a sensible idea though. I’ll look into it.


Sheryl in Oklahoma 06.25.07 at 7:17 pm

I have been working on a mural for our Oklahoma centennial for our community library. It has been a major dedication to show the regal strength of our Indian ancestors as well as our pioneers. I’m proud to say that most of the people that you mentioned are already represented on this mural as Oklahoma’s recognition of our national heritage as well. For instance John Ross and Stand Watie were both Cherokee chiefs of a remarkable tribe that became divided because of Washington’s “relocation”. Maybe the most interesting thing I found was that, left on their own people of different races found a way to live together and even help each other, until some divisive extremist group brought on huge complications. Sound familiar?

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