by Richard on February 23, 2010

A short break from a study day at St Deiniol’s Library. Papers this morning looked at religous values of teenagers and the relationship between religion and ’social meeting’ across Europe. This afternoon we’ve got Pentecostalism in Asia, and a short presentation on ‘blogging, believing and belonging.

Guess which I’m doing. ;)

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Kim 02.23.10 at 7:16 pm

On the “religious values of teenagers”:

(a) I propose a moratorium on the term “values”, not so much because of its original social location in economic exchange (though that it has become so popular in the world of late capitalism might give us pause), but simply because it’s one of those marshmallowy words like “community” or “spirtuality” that almost everyone uses without thinking about what it actually means, while assuming universal approbation.

(b) I came across a great Harry Williams quote the other day to the effect that “religion in the young is to be distrusted”, presumably (knowing Williams’ intellectual biography) because it is too entangled in hormones, libido, need, angst, etc. actually to be healthy. I think this is a fair point to make, and at the very least ought to make us much more suspicious about our discipling of young people.

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