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by Richard on February 25, 2010

Bishop Alan :: What grace is not

maggi dawn :: What Lent is not

Mashable :: Using open source software makes you an enemy of capitalism

Banksyboy :: Let me through, I’m an Anglican

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Pam 02.26.10 at 11:56 pm

As an Anglican, I share Banksyboy’s angst. The Anglican communion is torn, maybe never to be repaired and this is causing a lot of pain. The diocese my congregation is part of (Sydney Anglican) is unrelenting in its conservatism and I am deeply opposed to its views on the role of women in the church and acceptance of homosexuality. However, unlike other times in my life when I’ve walked away because things were ‘too hard’ I am going to stick with these people, voicing my thoughts but also listening to theirs.

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