Last Supper: You want fries with that?

by Richard on March 23, 2010

Last supper ‘has been super-sized’, say obesity experts

The food portions depicted in paintings of the Last Supper have grown larger - in line with our own super-sizing of meals, say obesity experts.
The Cornell University team studied 52 of the most famous paintings of the Biblical scene over the millennium and scrutinised the size of the feast.
They found the entrées, bread and plates put before Jesus and his disciples have progressively grown by up to two-thirds.
This, they say, is art imitating life.

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Kim 03.23.10 at 4:51 pm

What about the booze? Imagine our Lord and his friends getting Brahms and Liszt in the upper bar, singing rowdy Israelite drinking songs, and then staggering back to Bethany, stopping for a doner kebab but bypassing Gethsemane altogether. Our salvation would have been wrought in a very different manner. And of course Methodists would now be known for their binge drinking.


Richard 03.23.10 at 5:42 pm



Pam 03.23.10 at 9:52 pm

If your last sentence were true, Kim, not as many people would be falling asleep during sermons - they’d be waiting to see when the preacher would fall from the pulpit. Or who would hit the floor from the pews first. More Aussies would be in church also. :)


Kim 03.23.10 at 10:16 pm

If my last sentence were true, there would be no pulpits in Methodist churches (health and safety)! (And JW would have travelled by coach rather than horseback.)

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