Split blogging: keeping the conversation together

by Richard on June 16, 2010

When I post something here, it automatically goes out on Facebook and Twitter. That seems to be a good way of keeping in touch with as many of my friends as possible. However, it does divide the coversation. Comments left on Facebook can’t be seen here, and comments here don’t get added to Facebook. Tweets don’t go anywhere but Twitter.

It’s a bit unsatisfactory.

What I want is for responses to come together in a single stream: comments posted here should go to Facebook and vice versa. It would be nice if Tweets in response to my stuff could find their way into the stream.

There must be someone who is clever enough to work out how to do this!

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methodist preacher 06.16.10 at 9:39 pm

Subscribe to Social Media Examiner. I’m sure they very recently carried an item on this exact subject.


Richard 06.16.10 at 9:46 pm

I do subscribe to SME, David. I don’t recall reading about the sort of thing I’m looking for, but I’ll go and look again.


methodist preacher 06.16.10 at 10:41 pm

I’m going to this conference next week (http://socialmediainfluence.com/conference2010/index.html) so will ask the same question. One of the reasons I am holding back syndicating my hobby blog across the different sm channels is that I don’t have the time or will to moderate on an hourly basis. However I’m developing a commercial blog which I want to run across all sm channels.

One other thought - have you asked the question on Linkedin?


Richard 06.16.10 at 10:47 pm

I don’t really use LinkedIn. One website too many.
I’m surprised at what you say about moderation. I don’t do any moderation beyond my blog, and certainly not on an hourly basis.


Simon 06.17.10 at 2:32 pm

Googling wordpress facebook integration gave me this as the first hit


Which contains things like

The application we’re dealing with is a simple blog and, in this sense, quite innocent, but we should state outright that the Facebook API as it is now treats blogs and websites as applications, which may not be appropriate, given the issue mentioned above. Facebook users who authorize the blog application can now easly send comments and share posts from within Facebook. The data, however, is still stored in the original database on the server where the blog is installed.

How does your blog appear on facebook ? Does it show the entire text somewhere, or just post links to this page ? I would think writing a facebook app that collected your comments and re-posted them here would be fairly straightforward.

I don’t know about twitter though. I don’t “do” twitter as I just don’t really get it, and hate all the abbreviated URLs that get used.


methodist preacher 06.23.10 at 10:23 am

I asked around at a social media conference yesterday. The feeling was that there was a need for an entirely new “app”. It may be wortsh asking some of the firms already heavily involved in social media how whether they have already developed something along these lines


Richard 06.23.10 at 11:35 am

Thanks for asking. It will be interesting to find out if anyone is developing anything.

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