Tell me the old, old story

by Richard on December 23, 2004

Pen, the Gutless Pacifist is asking for help with the source of the story of Jonathan Edwards and Max Jukes. The story’s purpose is to provide hard evidence of the value of Christian parenting. It compares the descendants of the two and essentially says that Edwards’ lot were fine upstanding folk, while Jukes’ turned out to be wasters and villains.

I hadn’t come across it before, so had a look on Google which drew me to this page, which casts some doubts on the details of the story. It set me thinking again about the way that once a story goes onto the internet, especially (?) a Christian story, it seems to become “true”. Something in the repetition, or the confidence with which it is told, perhaps.

But of course, the internet has only exaggerated a problem that has been around for years. I remember being very impressed as a boy when I read that Nasa’s computers had “proven” Joshua’s missing day and Elijah making the sun go backwards. The trouble is, the story is rubbish. Someone made it up. I thought it had to be true because I read it in a book. I was wrong. Some call this an “urban myth”. I prefer to call it a lie. And a faith which proclaims “you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” should have no room for lies.

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