by Richard on July 18, 2010

Fat Prophet is angry about female genital mutilation.

This World Health Organization fact sheet is worth looking at if you need a refresher on the issues.

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Tony Buglass 07.20.10 at 10:36 pm

Wouldn’t want you to feel this one is being ignored - I hate the very idea. It is abusive, and wrong. The old adage “when in Rome, do as the Romans do” is a starting line: whatever tribal culture in Nigeria or wherever may demand, it will not be done here. If you wish to live in our country, you will abide by our laws. And I don’t care if it does sound interfering or paternalistic: you shouldn’t be doing it in your own lands, either, because it is simply wrong.


Kim 07.21.10 at 6:26 am

Yes, I think the silence broken by Tony represents not only consent with FP’s anger but also disgust with what the anger is about.


Pam 07.21.10 at 9:25 am

Well stated Tony (and Kim).


tony price 07.24.10 at 4:04 pm

female genital mutilation is hideous and vile; but i’ve never really understood why male circumcision (even though not in the same league) isn’t also condemned as genital mutilation. just because 2 major world religions inflict it routinely on their males…


Tony Buglass 07.24.10 at 8:48 pm

The very thought brings tears to my eyes, but…

It is possible to circumcise males, and do harm - in some cases it is recommended for medical or hygienic reasons. The penis is still fully functional for sexual or excretory purposes without a foreskin. It is not possible to circumcise a female without doing fundamental harm to her genitalia.

I gather male circumcision was fairly widely practised in the Ancient Near East long before the Hebrews gave it religious significance, and obviously before Islam inherited it from Judaism. That is not true of female circumcision.

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