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by Richard on December 29, 2004

blogger_idol-1.gifI was preaching in one of our Circuit churches, and as a “way in” to a children’s talk I asked the congregation if anyone had made a New Year’s Resolution that year. No one would admit it, so I changed tack and asked if anyone had ever made one. Most had at some point - which was a relief - and I got on with the talk. After the service a lady approached me. “Richard. I have to tell you that I did make a resolution this year. I decided to be less critical of others. I was just about to put up my hand to tell you when I glanced up at the choir and thought, ‘Why on earth is Mrs X wearing that?!’ Then I thought I’d better keep it to myself.” :)

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Red Interior
01.04.05 at 1:31 am

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Peggikaye 12.29.04 at 5:24 pm

Very good! Made me smile this morning!
At least she caught herself! Self admission is the first step!


rad 12.29.04 at 7:27 pm

we usually tend not to keep them beyond the first week of january!
…..despite unkept resolutions…its always different from the one forgone! :-)
A very Happy New Year!


Eugene 12.31.04 at 9:08 pm

Let your yes be yes and your no be no. As Jesus said it about
oath taking. Or as William Barclay in his New Testament commentary
put it. Live life as if you never need to make an oath.
I myself need to lose weight for the new year.
God bless and all the best in 2005,

Eugene McKinnon


wilsonian 01.04.05 at 1:27 am

You’re in my BI top 5… Most comical :)

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