Tea with the Queen

by Richard on July 23, 2010

The President and Vice-President got to go.

And Nick Griffin didn’t.


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Win Hawkins 07.23.10 at 10:45 pm

Hurrah - there is some justice in the world! Win and Quentin got to go in 2005 - our tickets were valid - hurrah. A rather surreal experience as it was the month of the London bombings, so sirens all around outside as we took tea in the garden behind the high walls and listened to the bands playing.


methodist preacher 07.23.10 at 10:53 pm

My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves in 1999. It was a nice way for our head of state to thank me for my efforts on behalf of the United Kingdom.

I really felt insulted that Griffin was to be offered the same hospitality for doing far less and being very destructive.


Pam 07.24.10 at 3:47 am

Nice that your two leaders had tea with the Queen (Liz and Phil are holding up pretty well!) But something about the “yay” in relation to Nick Griffin missing out was a bit unsettling. I get that Griffin is not top of Methodist popularity list, probably with good reason. Second sentence of methodist preacher’s comment was interesting also.


Kim 07.24.10 at 9:08 am

Tea was served on the lawn underneath large marquee’s [sic] (tiny cucumber or ham & picallili sandwich’s with a selection of little cakes- strawberry tarts, lemon tarts, victoria sponge & dundee cake with tea, iced coffee or apple juice).

If I’m ever invited, for my services to disestablishment, I’ll remember to pack my own lunch. ;)

Btw, I had a call from the Palace yesterday, about the protocol for a Palace rep attending a funeral I’m conducting on Tuesday. The colonel is supposed to have his own pew at the front. I said that will not be a problem as the front pew is the last place most people want to sit in church (”if you want a seat at the back, come early”). However, I added that if we have a “full house”, the colonel will have to sit with some of the hoi polloi, though I will ensure that he has the aisle seat (which I thought, from a Cromwellian, was quite gracious of me). The Palace (with its own graciousness) replied that it was quite happy with that arrangement. Mind, if they’d wanted the National Anthem sung, fat chance.


methodist preacher 07.24.10 at 9:32 am

What’s wrong with a national anthem at a funeral?
I went to a funeral not far from Swansea and Mae Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau provided a really fitting end to the proceedings.


Kim 07.24.10 at 10:36 am

Because whatever the intention, national anthems in church emotively feed the inveterate human tendency to think that one’s nation is providentially special, or worse, to conflate Christ and Caesar. There are plenty of opportunities at other, secular events to showcase your patriotism, sing national anthems, and even (if you are of a naff, if not perverse ilk) wave around a little flag. In church, prayers for our national leaders are both important and sufficient.

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