Hymn of the day

by Richard on September 12, 2010

God of all power, and truth, and grace,
Which shall from age to age endure,
Whose word, when heaven and earth shall pass,
Remains and stands for ever sure;

That I thy mercy may proclaim,
That all mankind thy truth may see,
Hallow thy great and glorious name,
And perfect holiness in me.

Thy sanctifying Spirit pour,
To quench my thirst, and make me clean;
Now, Father, let the gracious shower
Descend, and make me pure from sin.

Give me a new, a perfect heart,
From doubt, and fear, and sorrow free;
The mind which was in Christ impart,
And let my spirit cleave to thee.

O that I now, from sin released,
Thy word may to the utmost prove,
Enter into the promised rest,
The Canaan of thy perfect love!

Now let me gain perfection’s height,
Now let me into nothing fall,
Be less than nothing in thy sight,
and feel that Christ is all in all.

Charles Wesley

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Pam 09.13.10 at 12:42 pm

One thing I can do for the Church is to forgive it. I can say, ‘I forgive you, O Church, for your arrogance and hubris. I forgive you for your continued pretence that there is no fuzzy grey edge. Go, and do not sin again.’ I want to forgive because for all its backsliding and doubletalk the Church is also my home, a rock of refuge, the cause of greatest challenge, the deepest soul of beauty, fellow-feeling and strength, the school of saints, martyrs and mystics. I want to forgive because I must apply the fuzzy grey edge standard to it too, and not expect too much. The Church falls, but do so I. It makes egregious errors, but so do I. It’s the seventy-times-seven scenario for all of us, right throughout life. (Mt. 18:22).
Susan Connelly, a Sister of St Joseph.

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