A few poems on prayer: #10. “Praying and poetry” by Luci Shaw

by Kim on September 28, 2010

All week I’ve been testing
prayers as I hear them coming
from my mouth, judging the slant and
roominess of their pockets, how deep.
How well measured, and
do I take enough time with them.
What about the closeness of their weave,
the hang of fabric, and do they clothe
my gratitude or love or anguish
without bagging or crease.

But never, quite. Nor fit around
his spacious glory. Tailoring
a poem satisfies me better: first
choosing a fabric that goes well
with my skin tones, then all the pinning
and cutting and stitching, the tucking
and tweaking, stripes matching exactly
at the seams, the style planned
to make me look thin and interesting,
showing a selvage of truth, but not
too much, and no frayed edges.

Luci Shaw, The Angles of Light (Colorado Springs: WaterBrook Press, 2000), p. 62.

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