RIP Justice

by Richard on October 21, 2010

Dave Perry

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Kim 10.21.10 at 11:43 am

With a nod to Jim Wallis, who once said that if you cut the (huge) bits about politics out of the Bible - in particular the prophetic bits about God’s judgement on those who exploit the poor - you end up with a Bible full of holes.

And one more time: DH, from his his arrogant and ignorant comments on Brueggemann, seems to think that idolatry and injustice are two quite separate biblical concepts. Quite the opposite - they are inextricably linked, such that oppression is the unmistakable sign that king and court are bowing down to other gods. How does Israel know it is worshipping Yahweh? See Jeremiah 22:16. How does the church know it is worshipping Jesus? See Matthew 25:31ff.


dh 10.25.10 at 6:27 pm

Kim, I actually believe they are linked but what Scripture says specifically is that it was the worship of Baal and the paganism of Baal that was specifically condemned not the injustice that you and Bruggeman mentioned. Kim, they were physically sacrificing babies to Baal. This isn’t ignorant but an acurate reading of what Scripture says. If it were for injustice sake Scripture would have said it but it did NOT. However, they specifically mention Baal and the paganism therein. So how can one say that all of these extrabiblical things were what Israel was being condemned when Scripture said otherwise?

I don’t deny in anyway that Christianity must care for the poor. However, God is not some Supernatural Robin Hood nor does he promote a Robin Hood ideal. He desires people from their humble heart doing all they can not by the immoral way of stealing.

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