by Bene Diction on January 28, 2005

A draft manuscript obtained by The Associated Press is classified as secret pending a Pentagon review for a planned book that details ways the U.S. military used women as part of tougher physical and psychological interrogation tactics to get terror suspects to talk.

This article makes for disturbing reading.

Saar didn’t provide the manuscript or approach AP, but confirmed the authenticity of nine draft pages AP obtained. He requested his hometown remain private so he wouldn’t be harassed. Saar, who is neither Muslim nor of Arab descent, worked as an Arabic translator at the U.S. camp in eastern Cuba from December 2002 to June 2003. At the time, it was under the command of Maj. Gen. Geoffrey Miller, who had a mandate to get better intelligence from prisoners, including alleged al-Qaida members caught in Afghanistan.

Several reports, articles and human rights abuse complaints have been made about Guantanamo.

The book, which Saar titled “Inside the Wire,” is due out this year with Penguin Press.

Guantanamo has about 545 prisoners from some 40 countries, many held more than three years without charge or access to lawyers and many suspected of links to al-Qaida or Afghanistan’s ousted Taliban regime, which harbored the terrorist network.

Amnesty International
Human Rights Commission
Global Security Organization Camp Delta
Red Cross

Have we forgotten or do we just not want to hear?

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Richard 01.28.05 at 9:46 am

4 British prisoners, held for 3 years without charges being brought against them, came home the other day. They were immediately arrested and interviewed by British anti-terrorist police.

They were then released.

What has happened in Guantanamo is a disgrace on civilisation.

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