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by Richard on November 28, 2010

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PamBG 11.28.10 at 4:04 pm

I’m smiling but that somehow also seems innappropriate!


dh 12.01.10 at 4:28 pm

Amen to the PamBG especially coming from someone who doesn’t believe in extrterrestrials.


Tony Buglass 12.02.10 at 1:23 pm

Belief in extra-terrestrials is not required to understand jokes or comments in the genre.

It only becomes a problem when you’re trying to work out whether extra-terrestrials believe in you… ;)


dh 12.02.10 at 3:01 pm

Well Tony, if you read my support of Pam and what she said I did imply a smile so I did understand it (although I felt inappropriate when I did smile just like Pam). :)

Yeah Tony, that would be a problem for someone who doesn’t believe in extraterrestrials to say “I don’t believe in extraterrestrials but I wonder if they believe in me.” Wow, a person like that would need some psychiatric help. Thank God you or I don’t need that. :)


Tony Buglass 12.03.10 at 12:18 am

Keep taking the tablets..


dh 12.03.10 at 7:18 pm

What tablets, since I’m not asking the question “What if they believe in me?”? :)

From my perspective those who believe in extrterrestrials are the ones who need tablets. :)

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