Advent poetry: “Advent visitation” by Luci Shaw

by Kim on December 19, 2010

Even from the cabin window I sensed the wind’s
contagion begin to infect the rags of leaves.
Then the alders are gilded to it, obeisant, the way

angels are said to bow, covering their faces with
their wings, not solemn, as we suppose, but
possessed of a sudden, surreptitious hilarity.

When the little satin wind arrived
I felt it slide through the cracked-open door
(a wisp of prescience? a change in the weather?),

and after the small push of breath - You
entering with your air of radiant surprise,
I the astonsihed one.

These still December mornings
I fancy I live in a clear envelop of angels
like a cellophane womb. Or a soap bubble,

the colors drifting, curling. Outside
everything’s tinted rose, grape, turquoise,
silver - the stones by the path, the skin of the sun

on the pond ice, at night the aureola of
a pregnant moon, like me, iridescent,
almost full term with light.

Luci Shaw, The Angles of Light (Colorado Springs: WaterBrook Press, 2000), p. 34.

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