Final entry

by Richard on January 30, 2005

Ivan Noble has written the final entry in his “tumour diary”

I would also like to say thank you both to the many colleagues and friends at the BBC who have been such a support and especially to the people who manage the department I work for, for their personal support way beyond the call of duty.
What I wanted to do with this column was try to prove that it was possible to survive and beat cancer and not to be crushed by it.
Even though I have to take my leave now, I feel like I managed it.
I have not been defeated.

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Catez 01.31.05 at 2:59 am

Thankyou for posting this Richard. I just went to the link and read it. It moved me to tears. I have read some of his work for the BBC in the past too. These sort of posts really hit home where the real priorities are for me. God bless you, Catez

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