Iraqi elections

by Richard on January 31, 2005

The elections in Iraq seem to have been a success. Despite continuing violence and attempts to disrupt the polls and voter turn-out was higher than observers expected in spite of the danger.
Of course, there is more to establishing a democracy than one successful poll (candidates being allowed to campaign would be nice) but at this point it would be churlish not to acknowledge that yesterday was remarkable. I truly hope it represents a new start for the Iraqi people.

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Bene Diction 01.31.05 at 11:01 pm

Many Iraq immigrants travelled a great distance in Canada to cast their first votes ever. Many have voted as Canadian citizens, but to vote for candidates in their home country was an amazing thing.
They wept, they danced, it was remarkable to watch.


dh 02.01.05 at 9:02 pm

Bene, if it wasn’t for the US and Bush you wouldn’t have this “remarkable” sight to watch. If the opponents had there way Saddam would still be in power and NO I repeat NO elections. This is exactly what Bush predicted and promised yet Bush doesn’t get the credit.


dh 02.01.05 at 9:04 pm

To me it is a double standard. To those who are still against the US in Iraq, Were you just as outraged at Clinton having US invlovement in Kosovo as you are now with Iraq? To me the outcome and the involvement were correct in both instances.

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