Conservative scientists take on climate change deniers

by Richard on January 7, 2011

Interesting article from the Seattle Times

While some politicians are going on the attack against efforts to fight climate change, scientists such as Emanuel are rattling the political pigeonholes. Some are speaking out, using their expertise and conservative credentials to challenge what many researchers consider widespread distortions about climate change.

Texas Tech atmospheric scientist Katharine Hayhoe is an evangelical Christian who travels widely to speak to conservative audiences and wrote a book with her husband, a pastor and former climate-change denier, explaining climate change.

A physicist by training, John Cook is an evangelical Christian who runs the website, which seeks to debunk climate-change deniers’ arguments. Barry Bickmore is a Mormon, a Brigham Young University professor of geochemistry and the blogger behind Anti-Climate Change Extremism in Utah, where he recently rebuked Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, for his climate views and posted editorials mentioning his Republican affiliation.

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Mark Byron 01.07.11 at 3:11 pm

In many cases, we have a shouting match between the climate activists who have as their Known Fact that something must be done now if not yesterday, and the skeptic/deniers who have as their Known Facts that there is no problem and nothing need be done.

The truth is somewhere in between; we have seen a bit of human-caused warming, but what to do about it is still an open question. You can accept the basic concept that we’ve seen temps go up a degree without buying into the idea of having to slam the breaks onto the world economy via large CO2 cuts; it might be more prudent to mitigate any climate-caused problems on an ad-hoc basis (sea-walls, desalinization plants, et cetera) than try to cool the planet as a whole.


klem 01.07.11 at 4:01 pm

I am an ACC skeptic. I just visited the skeptical-science website and it seems well written, intelligent and full of new insights. Though it is a pro-warming website, it still manages to reveal how weak the ACC science actually is, it equally helps the reader to understand better how humans are not responsible for altering the climate, and how insignificant our CO2 contribution is. Even though it leans in favour of ACC, it is quite balanced overall and as a result reveals much truth about ACC, much more than the alarmist web sites do which only discuss points which further their argument and intentionally hide the others. The more you read it, the more I like it. I like this web site; its balanced, I will visit the site frequently. Thanks for this.


Richard 01.07.11 at 4:22 pm

Mark - the politics of climate change is messy, but there’s not much doubt about the main points of the science.

klem - I’m glad you enjoyed the link. If that site impressed you, read Are humans too insignificant to affect the climate? and How do human CO2 emissions compare to natural CO2 emissions? You might find your mind being changed.

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