Wrexham & Shropshire Railway hits the buffers

by Richard on January 27, 2011

This is very sad. The Wrexham Shropshire & Marylebone Railway has been running services from Wrexham directly into London since April 2008. The journey was quite unlike the alternative route operated by Virgin Trains: rather slower, but much friendlier. More old-fashioned, somehow. The rolling stock was comfortable and the staff always friendly. Unfortunately, I don’t have to go to London often enough for my travels to have made any difference to the company but I’m very sad about this. Like it or not, good links with London are an economic necessity. We keep being told that ‘the market’ needs competition, but from this part of the world one company will now have a complete hold over rail travel to the south-east of England. And environmentally, it’s a disaster. Fewer trains just mens more cars: more pollution, more congestion.

A very sad decision.

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Pam 01.28.11 at 3:30 am

Why not put Stationmaster Fabricius on the job: he can present a theological argument as to why the line shouldn’t close.


Richard 01.28.11 at 7:27 am

If I thought a theological argument would win the day, I’d be the first to suggest that Kim should make it. Unfortunately, the time for any kind of argument is past: the service is ending today. (The line isn’t closing though, so something might still be done in the future)


Methodist Preacher 01.28.11 at 11:19 am

A moment of complete and utter agreement, about the railway, not Kim


Richard 01.28.11 at 1:04 pm

As my brother used to say: miracles will never stop ceasing.

How does it feel to be right for a change? ;)


Methodist Preacher 01.28.11 at 10:23 pm

Much the same as being wrong. It is the integrity that counts and the conviction that God will bless.


Richard 01.28.11 at 10:59 pm


I was joking, MP.


Pam 01.28.11 at 11:53 pm

The smiley face doesn’t seem to be working to denote a joke.
Misconstrued comments - such a bummer!


Mark Byron 02.02.11 at 7:27 am

“Fewer trains just mens more cars: more pollution, more congestion. ”

I’m not sure of the logic there. If you had one ten-car train rather than two five-car trains, the energy to move them would be roughly the same. Given that there is likely a fixed energy cost to running a train (caboose and other stuff like that that is one per train regardless of size), fewer but bigger trains should yield less pollution as a whole. Possibly more pollution per run, but less overall.

Still, creative destruction sucks when it’s your favorite that gets destroyed.


Richard 02.02.11 at 7:43 am

I take your point, Mark. But the Wrexham & Shropshire service is not being replaced by fewer but bigger. It’s being replaced by nothing. Nada. Zilch. This means that the opportunity to take the train to London is significantly reduced if you live in and around Wrexham. That has to be a Bad Thing.


Mark Byron 02.02.11 at 8:41 pm

My bad. If you replace train travel with car travel, you get more pollution and more parking headaches within London; if I recall, you have to pay a fee just to get into the inner part of London by car.

That makes this a big hit for you and your neighbors.


Richard 02.02.11 at 8:46 pm

You’re right about the fee to drive into central London. It’s called the congestion charge.

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