Poverty. What’s that all about then?

by Mike on February 14, 2005

The insightful amongst you may have noticed the appearance of a little banner above and to the right.

If you click on this, you’ll be taken to the website of the makepovertyhistory campaign. Now, no matter what your views on approaches to world poverty - believe me, I have some reservations about the approaches of this campaign - you have to agree, i’m sure, that the appearance of such a huge coalition is rather an important step. For one thing, the Methodist Church is involved, so it must be important… Anyway, when global poverty makes it onto the agendas of the leading parties, the media, and even the man in the street, the foundations are being laid for a cohesive assault on the factors that induce it. The coalition itself calls for a few key changes to be made, that it nicely summarises in 9 words:


Can’t argue with that, can you? Well, perhaps you can, especially when discussions start about how to do it. The wonderful thing is, however, that if this campaign does take off, such discussions can ensue at the level at which they need to be. Development departments and NGOs have for decades been debating these things, and it is true that there are no easy answers (any people who wander into this campaign thinking that trade justice will alleviate poverty in one swoop are fooling themselves), but if debates and involvement can be pitched to more people at different levels, solutions may begin to appear.

So, visit the website, perhaps get yourself a white band, and start talking about poverty.

It’s kind of important.

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Sarah 02.14.05 at 6:44 pm

Here here!!!

Yes, it may not be perfect, and certainly won’t solve everything overnight, but, as they say, it’s a step in the right direction. And if we’re ever going to make a difference, this is the time to try.


BD 02.15.05 at 2:15 am

It is kind of important.
Beats seeing bloggers crow about power and politics.
Thanks Mike.


howard 02.15.05 at 12:41 pm

I was just spending a few minutes on the makepovertyhistory.org site, and I was wondering if it’s strictly for those in the U.K., or do they have some focus on U.S. policy also. Most everything I’ve seen on the site seems to to deal with the U.K. — not that I’ve got a problem with that, but I’d feel a little funny sending an email across the pond to Tony Blair (though I’ve said in the past I think I’d prefer him as president over George W.).

Oh well, that’s all I was wondering for now. Appreciate any guidance on the matter.

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