Prayer of the day - the sequel

by Kim on February 21, 2011

The ten minutes are up, Lord.
And just as I expected, you didn’t turn up.
Or maybe it was I who didn’t turn up.
But I’ve got an excuse: I’m all over the place:
my soul is full of crap, my mind is profoundly trivial,
and how do I know what my heart desires?
But you’re divine – so what’s your excuse?
If you did show, you certainly didn’t say so.
And don’t tell me you were using your “still, small voice”.
No, you were shtum. Absolutely shtum.
Of course you may have had your reasons.
Maybe you didn’t speak, not to be rude,
or to get on my nerves, or to test my faith.
Maybe your silence was attentiveness.
Maybe you were just – listening
(something I’m not very good at).
If so, first let me say that I’m sorry about the earful I gave you –
oh, and the swearing – and the sarcasm –
but I did tell you I was feeling angry and bloody-minded.
So I’ll understand if you weren’t listening after all.
(I appreciate that even you, O All-Patient One,
must get fed up with the universal human whinge.)
Besides, I’m used to no one listening to me: after all, I’m married.
(I’m counting on your sense of humour here, Lord.)
Mind, I asked you to take care of some serious things,
the usual stuff, I know –
I guess you’d file it under “Intercessions”:
wars, poverty, oppression, sick and ageing friends and church members.
I even prayed for the swine I mentioned,
though in their case I never quite know what to pray for.
That they go on being swine? Certainly not.
But that they stop being swine?
Neither seems to work. You see what I mean?
But evidence to the contrary notwithstanding,
I know you care, I know you’re kind
(at least that’s what I keep telling myself);
and as for evil and suffering, let’s not go there:
I’m (still) depressed enough without doing theodicy.
On the “Praise” and “Thanksgiving” files,
at least credit me for not once calling you “awesome”
(God, you must be sick of being called “awesome”!),
and I really meant it about the “beauty of creation”,
and the “love of Jesus”, and “presence of the Spirit”
(well, I tried to mean it about the “presence of the Spirit”).
As for the “Confession” file, I thought I was admirably brief:
“Lord, I’m a shit” about covers it.
And on that one I take your silence as consent –
and your forgiveness for granted.
I think that about does it.
Besides, another ten minutes are up (give or take).
So another prayer-time, another waste of time.
But I repeat myself (sarcasm again - sorry).
Anyway, I had nothing better to do.
Is there anything better to do?

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Angela Shier-Jones 02.21.11 at 1:54 pm

Great to have a God big enough to whine at, small enough to sit in our thoughts and decent enough to stay shtum when we need to get stuff out of our system.
God designed humans in such a way that shit must be vacated on a regular basis for us to stay healthy..

Great post - thanks.


Jason Goroncy 02.24.11 at 9:45 pm

Thanks Kim.


Tony Buglass 02.24.11 at 10:01 pm



Doug 02.24.11 at 10:32 pm

Thank God that He is always Faith even when we are not. Thank God that the promises of God’s Word are forever Faithful. Albeit, on certain things we may never see the answers while on earth for on some things the answers to our prayers are “in the life to come” at the resurrection of the dead and the Second Coming of Christ.

Here is a though I came up with on the “attitude of prayer”:
“Our needs must line up with what God desires for us for God to truly answer our prayers. For it is when we listen for what God desires for us that we truly obtain all that we need according to His riches in Glory by Christ Jesus.”

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