Careless Blogs Cost Jobs!

by Richard on February 23, 2005

The Independent reports on how blogging can cost more than hosting and bandwidth:

Blogs are growing in influence within and beyond the “blogosphere”. But most bloggers are not aware of the dangers they face when casually turning in what they think is a harmless account of their day at work. No matter how well intentioned, the blogger is usually the loser. And bloggers and employers clearly need to understand each other better before the word dooced* is heard more often.

*dooced: To be fired from you job because of the contents of your weblog

Mind how you go! My rule would be, if it wouldn’t be prudent to publish it in a local newspaper then it isn’t prudent to post it on a blog. And if you’re blogging about work, keep it cryptic. Mention anybody or anything by name and it is only a matter of time before Google turns you up. If you aren’t happy for someone to read what you’ve written about them, don’t write it!

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the_methotaku 02.24.05 at 12:04 am

There should be legal protection for bloggers. Bloging is a form of speech, after all.


Rhys 02.24.05 at 11:51 pm


But like all forms of speech, there should come a time when good judgement should prevail. Sometimes, the best form of censorship is self-censorship.

Here’s Anil Dash’s perceptive take on the whole ‘weblog got me fired’ thing.

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