When to take a stand

by Richard on February 24, 2005

Two paragraphs from the latet edition of The Methodist Recorder

“…the camps at Auschwitz did not come into being overnight. What began as a barracks for soldiers and was then a prison for Polish dissidents, only became a place of unimaginable horror by small incremental steps. By such a process many became desensitized to suffering and allowed themselves to be complicit in the evil.
The lesson we must learn is that the time to oppose racism is not when the trains deliver their first victims to the gas chambers but when the first slogan is daubed on a wall or the first leaflet pushed through a letter-box.”

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Faithful Progressive 02.24.05 at 11:29 pm

Not to speak is to speak
Not to act is to act

Is what I think Bohoeffer said.


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