Evangelical Alliance responds to the fostering case

by Richard on March 2, 2011

Following the case of Eunice & Owen Johns, it’s very interesting that the Evangelical Alliance seem to be distancing themselves from the activities of Paul Diamond and the Christian Legal Centre.

Dr Don Horrocks, Head of Public Affairs at the Alliance, said: “We all need to be more clued-up in deciding if and when to fight legal battles. Of course there are occasions when defending religious liberty in the courts is entirely appropriate and if there is evidence of fundamental unfairness in the interpretation of equalities legislation then this needs to be addressed by government.

“However, it is counterproductive to provoke the courts into unnecessary and unhelpful rulings - especially when a case is weak and evidence is lacking. There may also be risks that Christians will be viewed as deliberately engineering conflicts with the courts or pleading privileged treatment.”

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Evangelical Alliance Response to Foster Care and Homosexuality Beliefs « Ramblings from Red Rose
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AlwynapHuw 03.04.11 at 1:28 am

I understand why the EA has distanced itself from the case. The question that the court was asked to decide on was not the couple’s views on homosexuality, but if, having fostered a child they would allow a homosexual couple into their home to meet the child with a view to adoption. They said no!
So the question wasn’t about their views about homosexuality making them unsuitable foster parents, but whether their views about homosexuality would restrict permanent adoption of their foster children by a couple who’s mores they disapproved of.
Rather than “Banning them from Fostering” the court refused to rule on the issue; basically throwing it back into the Local Authorities court. As the LA had refused permission for them to foster, that can be seen as the couple losing. What it hasn’t done is create precedence that gay rights beat Christian rights as some have claimed. It has left the decision process at Local Authority level.


Richard 03.04.11 at 7:04 am

Absolutely. I watched the BBC’s Question Time last evening, and was very surprised that not a single panellist seemed to have understood the judge’s decision. Every response was framed by the ‘Christians are being barred from fostering’ meme. Only the Tory Iain Duncan Smith came close. I wonder how many sermons will be preached on Sunday based on this misunderstanding?


Kim 03.04.11 at 8:52 am

I wonder how many sermons will be preached on Sunday based on this misunderstanding?

Answer: None. They won’t be sermons, they will be speeches.


Richard 03.04.11 at 8:59 am

Point taken. But I’m betting that there’ll be lots of preachers whose sermons are already written for Sunday who include some reference to this story. And prcious few of them will be telling the truth.

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