One Man Band?

by Bene Diction on February 27, 2005

Aided by sympathetic hard-line religious groups, Christian Voice intends to target media companies, politicians and public sector organisations during a high-profile campaign designed to reverse the UK’s drift into secularism and establish a “British Bible Belt” that would provide the country with moral backbone.

“We have been too silent and too pious for too long. It’s time to come out of our holy boxes and take the battle onto the streets,” said Stephen Green, Christian Voice’s national director.

“No wonder so many men have drifted away from the church: they need something to do rather than sitting back in quiet acceptance. They need a war – and we will give them one to fight.”

Last week, Christian Voice used the threat of a backlash from Christian donors to pressurise the Glasgow-based cancer charity Maggie’s Centre into refusing the proceeds from a gala performance of the “blasphemous” musical Jerry Springer – The Opera. They now plan to employ similar tactics elsewhere .

“We have written to MPs and members of the House of Lords and nothing has changed, so let’s see if they listen to us when we’re banging on their doors,” said Green.

Green and Citizen Voice were covered by media when he protested Jerry Springer, The Opera. A British theatre has turned down the show which was to have toured about four venues in the UK, and another is thinking of withdrawing.

Now the American backer of the show has pulled out because of the furore, and moderate Christian groups are pulling away from Green and his methods. He has been relentless in gaining media attention, believing Britian is a Christian nation.

Christian Voice is just one of several similar groups planning to adopt more high- profile tactics. Next month, the MediaMarch organisation plans to present Tony Blair with a 120,000 signature petition demanding tougher obscenity laws.

“There is righteous anger out there. The good people in this country have been completely ignored for too many years, and that is going to change by hook or by crook,” said MediaMarch founder Miranda Suit.

“We want to see the birth of a British Bible Belt to provide this country with the firm moral guidance it so clearly needs.”

Green is a 53 year old father of four living near Carmarthen, Wales. He has run his website since 1994 and has struck out at diverse things such as homosexual police, abortion the celebration of Dilwai in a public school, and the show, claiming he has special gifts that he is pleased to use. Since receiving media attention in the past year and a half, he has devoted himself full time to his causes.

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Richard 02.27.05 at 9:12 pm

I had no idea this character lived so close to hand. Amazing that here I am living in south Wales and learn about one of my “neighbours” from a Canadian! :)
I’m very troubled about Christian Voice, and talk of a “British Bible Belt” (whatever that may be) fills me with dread. We live in interesting times.


Bene Diction 02.27.05 at 9:28 pm

I figured since his activies were a topic of interest here at connexions , I’d do a bit of digging.
Wasn’t difficult, I guess his causes attacts fringe types and the police are aware of him.
It is interesting how there is an ebb and flow of groups using religion to further an agenda.
Somehow, I can’t quite picture a ‘British’ Bible Belt, especially in Wales.:^)


Steve 02.27.05 at 10:30 pm

Sounds very much like his recent infamy has gone to his head. Listening to him justifying publishing the number of the BBC staff, I can’t help but think he’s capable of much more. By hook or crook?



rhys 02.27.05 at 11:21 pm

I live in Carmarthenshire and like the rest of Carmarthenshire (I think) I’d never heard of Mr Green and as for a British Bible Belt - part of me thinks “Be afraid be very afraid”
but the media is interested in events
the good news of God is a process not an event so the church is ignored in favour of Mr green and his ilk.


Bene Diction 02.27.05 at 11:23 pm

Actually, Mr. Green is rather predictable. Like many advocates he has been labouring on his own for awhile, gets his time in the spotlight.
And good for the spotlight. Many like him wind up crashing and burning because to them the end justifies the means.
It’s important that because there may be a moral or religious agenda, that people see because something has the word Christian in it, doesn’t make it so. And I think it helps people sort out how they will engage society regarding issues they feel are important.
Way too many of us are just sheep, and can get suckered in by all the hoohah.


Drina 02.28.05 at 2:26 am

Bene, it is certainly true that anyone can get suckered in by all the hoohah. Here in the States, millions believe that televangelists and politically-oriented Christian leaders represent an impending return to Christian values. Unfortunately, the political-fundamentalist movement has less to do with following Christ than it does gaining power and attention. But we don’t see that here. I pray that Christians in Britain don’t make the same mistake.


Bene Diction 02.28.05 at 4:50 am

I don’t think this kind of ideation has boundaries and borders.
I hope Britian doesn’t develop a bible belt either.


the_methotaku 02.28.05 at 6:05 am

This does not sound good. If this idiot can actually affect elections (and he doesn’t necessarily need numbers if he’s good at arm-twisting) this could seriously set the UK back in terms of gay rights and woman’s rights, and potentially the UK’s tax system and NHS as well.


Eugene 02.28.05 at 2:46 pm

Oooooh ‘fraid of the Scriptures are we! No I understand. I spent six months in a fundamentalist church and witnessed how God’s Holy Word was used and abused by people who in actuality interpret the Bible with Baconian philosophy and 18th Century Scottish Common Sense Realism.

However by saying ‘I hope we don’t become a Bible belt,’ sends a mixed message.


Richard 02.28.05 at 3:42 pm

I hear what you’re saying Eugene. There’s a very real danger in all this. The last thing I want to do is drive any wedges between followers of Jesus. But when a group sees their call in terms of intimidation, what can you do but oppose them? I hope that I’m not sinning in this, but if I am I should sin boldly!


Eugene 02.28.05 at 6:05 pm

No I totally agree. I do not know where it says in the Scriptures that we are to intimidate people. I thought that was sad that they told that cancer charity not to accept money from the Springer Opera. If he truly did read the Scriptures we would here Jesus encouraging people to use dishonest money to benefit others suffering.


dh 02.28.05 at 9:05 pm

I know the group was wrong toward the charity in their ACTIONS but I don’t agree entirely because the charity doesn’t have to listen to the group. I don’t think Jesus would want money from sin. He would be balanced between the two. He would definitely not intimidate people though. I think both Springer and the group are equally wrong. Can’t we all agree that both are wrong?


Eugene 02.28.05 at 9:39 pm

DH relax. If you really read the Gospel stories such as the
parable of the talents, the dishonest manager, they are
completely countercultural to the culture.

The parable of the talents has the two heroes ripping
everyone off. The guy that saved the money underground
was really doing the right thing. The landlord gives
him trouble and suggest he invest it and receive interest
(another cultural no-no). So I do not think Jesus would
have a problem receiving money from dishonest practices
(as an act of repentence).


Richard 02.28.05 at 11:10 pm

Absolutely, Eugene. Zaccheus was commended for giving half his wealth to the poor, and it is hard to believe he acquired it all righteously!

I might well agree with you that both “Springer” and Christian Voice are in the wrong dh, but I haven’t seen Springer so I don’t know. I do know about Christian Voice. And I know which is most damaging to the gospel. (Or rather, I believe I do ;))


Bene Diction 03.01.05 at 12:54 am

DH: If you took money out of the bank or the bank machine, went over to the police station and had your hands and the money tested - there would be traces of cocaine.
You are using ‘tainted’ money, bills and change that have been used for ’sin.’
If you are going to be literal…:^)


dh 03.09.05 at 1:09 am

But Zaccheus repented of his sin and formed a relationship with Christ first. This made his wealth pure in God’s sight and thereby allowed him to give the money to the poor. Richard reading the trailers putting Jesus in diapers cursing is all I need to show that this show is perverse. I don’t need to see the show when the trailers state obsurd things that it portraysa homosexual Jesus when Romans 1 and other Scriptures state that those who practice such things will not enter the Kingdom. Eugene, if you remember the one with one talent had his talent given to the one with 10 talents. These people were not “ripping people off”. If he “did the right thing” like you say then he wouldn’t have had his talent taken away. Christ wants us to use our money so we can do more for him than otherwise. Many times Christ will have us invest so that we can give even more to Christ’s Kingdom than otherwise. Othertimes He wants us to give as much as we can. It is all a mater of what Christ speaks to us individually as to what is correct for each Believer as long as it is from legitimate means. Bene your being nitpicky again and I love your overgeneralizations typical of the relativistic culture we live in. You just don’t want to address the sin of Jerry Springer but want to address the sin in Christian Voice. That’s close to hypocrisy. :) I don’t want Jerry Springer promoting sin or Christian Voice giving Christians a bad name. We can address both at the same time. Come on Bene have the guts to say both are bad. If your going to be consistent. :>)


Tony k 05.22.06 at 9:25 am

The point we seem to be drifting from is the fact this group (lead by Stephen Green) is going way to far. Publishing phone numbers! These people from BBC are just doing a job, they are not bad or evil. The next thing Mr Green has done is set up a spoof web site, called which attempts to belittle and undermine the important work the police are doing in an attempt to tackle hate crime. Mr Green has focused his site on homophobia, with “pink police”. What this fool doesn’t mention is that hate crime also includes (as stated on the real website) crime against religous beliefs. For instance if Mr Green was called names for being christian he would use true vision to make his complaint. Beliefs are one thing (a choice) but when you take things too far and twist the good of others you are bordering on evil.


Richard 05.22.06 at 12:34 pm

I had a look at that ’spoof’ website. It was every bit as lame as i expected it to be. The heartening thng was a glance at the site’s visitor statistics: 7 visitors today, though there were a couple of days last week when it got 25.

That’s the measure of the popular support for Mr Green & his loonies.


sarah connelly 06.05.06 at 1:39 pm

i am a research student at the ubiversity of Mnachester in the sociology of religion, i am inquiring as to whether any Christian holds any views on Jerry Springer:the opera, if you do so, would it be possible if you could share your views please contact
(especially people who oppose it)

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